These notes are brief, noting major events and minor events in Tawnypelt's Clan that will be of consequence later. They are intended to be used as a reference for those looking for specific events for re-reading and the book discussions.
  • Tawnypelt kills a rabbit, feeling happy to be home.
  • Rowanstar appears behind her, and states this is the real ShadowClan.
    • Tawnypelt wakes up, realizing she was only dreaming.
  • Dovewing apologizes to Juniperclaw, but he snaps back to her that kits should have consideration.
    • Tigerstar tells his kits to play quieter. He then reprimands Juniperclaw for his behavior toward Dovewing.
  • Tawnypelt feels bad for her grandson, and gets lost in thought.
  • Tawnypelt drifts off into her thoughts again until Dovewing and Tigerstar catch her attention.
  • Tawnypelt is next to Shadowkit, recalling what happened the previous night.
    • Shadowkit mutters something about a thing falling, but she soothes him and goes to speak with Dovewing.
      • The latter tells Tawnypelt it must be a vision Shadowkit is having.
  • Suddenly, Shadowkit has a seizure, and both she-cats run to the medicine den.
  • They run in to find Puddleshine tending to him. Tigerstar joins the cats moments later.
    • Shadowkit mentions cats in danger and dreams, but his parents tell him to relax as he is tended to.
      • They also ask him a few questions about what they saw.
  • Tawnypelt and Puddleshine both agree that they don't know what's happening. Puddleshine says that Shadowkit's seizures are not normal for a medicine cat.
    • It is then agreed upon for someone to fetch Leafpool to look into the situation, despite Tawnypelt saying otherwise.
      • Her thoughts are broken up by Shadowkit stating he remembers the vision.
  • The dark tabby says there were cats that were crushed by a falling tree, and were taken over a waterfall.
  • Tigerstar tells Tawnypelt and Dovewing that Shadowkit is not going to the Tribe.
    • Tawnypelt protests this, and gains the Clan's attention.
  • Tigerstar informs the Clan of Shadowkit's visions and Tawnypelt's belief that he needs to see the Tribe.
    • This causes disbelief among Juniperclaw and Whorlpelt.
      • Dovewing and Tigerstar both affirm Shadowkit's strong visions, mentioning he guided them to the lake.
  • Tawnypelt unintentionally sends ShadowClan into a frenzy when she rebukes Cloverfoot for questioning the vision.
    • Tigerstar manages to calm everyone moments later.
  • Scorchfur scoffs at Tawnypelt, saying her loyalty to Rowanclaw destroyed ShadowClan.
    • His statement shocks her so much she falls into complete silence.
      • Tigerstar breaks up the argument and demands respect for his deputy.
  • Later, Leafpool arrives at camp and begins examining Shadowkit.
    • She states she doesn't know what's going on with him, and that his dreams are very unusual.
      • Tawnypelt and Leafpool believe it's possible Shadowkit must see the Tribe. Tigerstar strongly believes his kit is not leaving the camp.
  • Shocked when Tawnypelt and Dovewing disagree with him, Tigerstar explains why Shadowkit shouldn't leave.
    • Tawnypelt protests this, but the leader retorts Shadowkit will not be leaving ShadowClan; the home where he should be.
  • Tawnypelt's movements in her nest disturb Juniperclaw and Cloverfoot, who complain.
    • She irritably replies before walking out, regretting her actions moments later.
      • The tortoiseshell gets an idea of taking Shadowkit to the Tribe, and decides to do it.
  • Before Tawnypelt can take Shadowkit out of camp, Dovewing stops them.
    • Tawnypelt frantically explains what's she doing, but Tigerstar arrives and rebukes her.
      • Cats around camp begin to hear the argument and watch on.
  • Tawnypelt tells Tigerstar he doesn't care for her, but only his own interests.
    • Tigerstar replies Rowanclaw damaged ShadowClan, enraging his mother even more.
  • She warns him he should have listened to those around him, even mentioning he's acting like another Tigerstar she knew.
    • Dovewing suddenly agrees with Tawnypelt about Shadowkit seeing the Tribe.
      • Tigerstar is livid, but before he can respond, the she-cats say they'll be back in due time before walking out of camp with Shadowkit.
  • Tawnypelt wakes up to find Dovewing and Shadowkit having a conversation in a nearby field.
    • She goes to join them, and the she-cats joke that Shadowkit would make a fine warrior, despite knowing he's destined to be a medicine cat.
      • They freeze in horror when the kit suddenly has a seizure.
  • Dovewing begins to worry she's not being a good mother, thinking about the moments in Shadowkit's life.
    • Tawnypelt gives her important advice, and she relaxes.
  • Shadowkit awakens and asks when they'll leave. The she-cats say they will when he's ready.
  • Tawnypelt, Dovewing, and Shadowkit near the cave of the Tribe.
    • Snow appears, along with a to-be named Breeze, and they greet them.
      • Breeze and Tawnypelt chat as they are lead to the cave by the patrol.
  • The group of cats meet Stoneteller, and he takes them to the Cave of Pointed Stones.
    • After learning of Shadowkit's condition, Stoneteller sends the she-cats out for a private conversation with the kit.
  • Tawnypelt runs into Stormfur and Brook, who reveal they had another litter of kits, Breeze and Feather.
    • She talks with Stormfur about the Clans, and he says he's content with the Tribe.
      • The tortoiseshell is about to question her loyalties when she is interrupted by Shadowkit and Stoneteller.
  • Stoneteller says he believes Shadowkit's visions do concern the Tribe, and then tells everyone to eat.
    • Many cats rush toward the prey pile as Tawnypelt thinks about the past. Stoneteller warns everyone about the bad weather and orders them to stay away from the entrance.
  • Tawnypelt and Dovewing later sleep in the Cave of Pointed Stones; however, Shadowkit wakes them up and screams every cat needs to evacuate the cave now.
  • Shadowkit yells for everyone to evacuate the cave.
    • Some cats are hesitant to do so, citing the weather, but Stoneteller manages to convince them otherwise.
  • Tawnypelt and Dovewing keep Shadowkit between them and follow the Tribe out of the cave.
    • Shadowkit says they must climb up a very narrow, steep path, which concerns Tawnypelt.
  • The Tribe begins to climb up said path, facing no major difficulties.
    • They reach the swollen river, and Shadowkit orders the Tribe to push stones in to stop the water from flowing.
      • The Tribe pauses, but they follow Tawnypelt and Dovewing's actions to push the stones.
  • Breeze falls into the river, but is rescued by Tawnypelt. She thanks her moments later.
  • Suddenly, Shadowkit sees a tree fall into the river, and the cats run out at once.
    • Tawnypelt worries if the Tribe has done enough to save the cave.
  • Tawnypelt worries about the cats before her as the tree nears them.
    • However, the rocks in the river block it, causing the Tribe to celebrate.
      • Shadowkit collapses, but Stoneteller states he'll be fine.
  • As the Tribe nears the entrance to the cave, they see the tree is about to fall.
    • Branches begin to hit the ground, and the Tribe flees toward the path.
  • A huge crack of blinding lighting strikes the tree, destroying it in its entirety.
    • Shadowkit wakes up, and Tawnypelt relaxes, knowing he and the Tribe are safe.
  • Tawnypelt and Dovewing leave the Cave of Pointed Stones to allow Stoneteller to examine Shadowkit.
    • They meet Brook, and Dovewing explains they'll leave when Shadowkit is cured.
  • Brook takes a patrol out to gather enough prey for a feast
    • A voice whispers to Tawnypelt, and she recognizes it as Rowanclaw's.
      • They talk about Tigerstar, and Rowanclaw tells his mate to let him go and give the leader time.
  • Stoneteller and Shadowkit wake Tawnypelt, and Stoneteller informs her Shadowkit may have seizures and powers going beyond borders.
  • Later, the group attends the feast, and Tawnypelt and Dovewing think about the future.
    • Soon, they are preparing to leave.
      • Tawnypelt feels ready to go home.
  • Tawnypelt, Dovewing, and Shadowkit are nearing the ShadowClan border when they run into Fernsong and Rosepetal.
    • They exchange idle gossip, but both groups of cats soon split up and return to their respective territories.
  • The group enters the ShadowClan camp, and are greeted by numerous members of ShadowClan.
  • Shadowkit greets his father, and talks about their adventures with the Tribe. Tawnypelt and Tigerstar then apologize for their mistakes they've made toward each other.
    • The deputy says she has an announcement, and says she's stepping down from her position.
      • Despite Tigerstar's shock, she says ShadowClan needs someone who will think about the future, not the past, and goes to the warriors' den to rest.
  • As she hears the Clan going about its daily life outside, Tawnypelt knows she's truly home.
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