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In The Prophecies Begin

Forest of Secrets

Tawnykit and her brother, Bramblekit, are born to Goldenflower and Tigerclaw. Later on, she ventures from the nursery for the first time in the company of their mother.

Rising Storm

During the fire that sweeps through ThunderClan territory, Tawnykit is with the rest of the Clan. She and her mother, Goldenflower, escape safely, but Goldenflower notices that Bramblekit, her brother, is missing. Goldenflower starts panicking frantically and thinks that Bramblekit will die in the fire, and yowls out for someone to rescue him. Fireheart and Yellowfang are sent to rescue Bramblekit from the camp. Bramblekit is returned by Fireheart. But later Yellowfang dies of smoke inhalation.

A Dangerous Path

At the Gathering, Fireheart hears Darkstripe talking to Tigerstar about his kits. A while afterward, Darkstripe takes the two kits to the ShadowClan border, where Tigerstar is waiting. Before seeing him, Tawnykit exclaims about the smell and complains that she was getting the stinky scent all over her paws. When Tigerstar appears, she asks if he is her father, and he nods. Darkstripe tells the two kits that he is leader of ShadowClan. Their eyes stretch wide, and Bramblekit asks him if he really is Clan leader. Tigerstar dips his head to say yes.
Tawnykit asks if they can come and live in his Clan, but Tigerstar answers that their place, for now, is with their mother. He asks when they will be apprenticed, and Darkstripe replies, saying that they will be apprenticed in a moon or so, adding that it's a pity he has an apprentice, as he would like to mentor one. Tigerstar asks if they can hunt or fight, and Bramblekit boasts that he will be the best warrior in ThunderClan. Tawnykit refuses to be outdone, saying she will be the best hunter. Later, Tigerstar is about to tell them why he is leader of ShadowClan and not in ThunderClan, but Fireheart appears from a bush and stops him.
When Swiftpaw's body is being brought into the camp before burial, Tawnykit and Bramblekit are seen looking at Swifpaw's body with wide, scared eyes.
Later, Brackenfur is made Tawnypaw's mentor.
Fireheart decides it's time to tell Bramblepaw and Tawnypaw about their father, and when he does, Tawnypaw resolves to do much better than her cruel father.

The Darkest Hour

When the cats walk back into the camp after the dog attack, Tawnypaw and her brother, Bramblepaw, are seen bouncing eagerly behind Cinderpelt. When Fireheart calls a meeting, she asks him if he is going to be their new leader.
After Smallear insults her by telling her she will suffer the same fate as her father, Tawnypaw decides that she isn't willing to prove herself over and over like Bramblepaw is. She becomes distressed and later runs away to her father Tigerstar in ShadowClan. Firestar attempts to follow her and bring her back to ThunderClan, but it begins to rain, and the scent is washed away. Goldenflower is very angry that Smallear insulted her kit, Tawnypaw, just because she is Tigerstar's daughter, who seems slightly secretive about herself and what she does.
When Tigerstar's ambitions are revealed by Firestar, Tawnypaw stands with her new Clan, ShadowClan, rather than her father. After the battle with BloodClan, when Firestar asks her if she wishes to return to ThunderClan, she declines, telling him she needs to be someplace where she feels she belongs; considering how some ThunderClan cats treated her because of her heritage, she does not feel she belongs in ThunderClan. However, she tells Firestar she will miss her former Clan, and she tells him to never forget her.

In The New Prophecy arc


Tawnypelt is chosen by the former ShadowClan leader, Nightstar, now a member of StarClan, to be the ShadowClan cat to go on the journey to speak with Midnight, the badger. She, Crowpaw, Stormfur, Feathertail, Squirrelpaw and Brambleclaw all meet at Fourtrees, the day after the four of them all receive the same dream. Later, when Brambleclaw realizes Squirrelpaw was following him to Fourtrees, Tawnypelt and the others blame him for it. Tawnypelt mentions that she thought that it would be Tigerstar that would visit her dreams, not Nightstar. The six discuss the dream and plan to gather on the day of the Gathering.
Brambleclaw later finds Tawnypelt in ShadowClan sitting alone under one of the only trees on the territory. She attacks him but quickly realizes who he is and berates him for sneaking into ShadowClan to visit her. He explains that the group will need to leave earlier than originally planned, at half-moon, and Tawnypelt agrees to go.
On the day before half-moon, they meet again and take off. They cross a Thunderpath, rest for a bit, and then get moving. They see sheep and cows on their way. When Squirrelpaw gets stuck in a fence, Tawnypelt and Feathertail help to get her out with dock leaves while Crowpaw and Brambleclaw are busy arguing about what to do.
When they are chased by a dog, they encounter a cat named Purdy who tells them to climb up a tree, where they will be safe. He leads them to a pool where there are fish so they can eat. Then, Purdy shows them the way to the sun-drown place. Purdy shows them to a Twoleg nest and Tawnypelt and Crowpaw keep guard while the others drink from the bowls.
Tawnypelt receives a severe bite on her shoulder in a battle with rats, and limps painfully most of the time because it becomes infected. The cats eventually find burdock root, thanks to the special bond between Leafpaw and Squirrelpaw, and Tawnypelt's wound is temporarily soothed.
When they meet Midnight, Midnight continues to cure Tawnypelt's wound with more burdock root. The group rests in Midnight's cave, but they do not realize that the destruction of the forest has already begun.


Tawnypelt is seen doing much better; her shoulder healed from Midnight's burdock root. She is determined to start looking after herself again to prove that she is strong, but Midnight calls her a foolish warrior, saying that she needs rest. Midnight applies more burdock root to her shoulder while she rests. The root cures the infection, but she starts to limp again when they enter the mountains, and is barely able to leap over the gap in the trail. Her shoulder gets worse and worse, and after her plunge over the waterfall, she is barely able to walk.
Tawnypelt does much worse when they find the Tribe of Rushing Water, and, although they all want to leave, Tawnypelt can't manage to keep up with them. She is angry and says that if she is holding them up they should just come out and say it. The next day, Tawnypelt's shoulder is no better. She would not be able to leave, and, when the others wake her, her words are brave but her voice is filled with pain. She is a bit scared at being left alone with the Tribe while her friends go hunting, but she is made comfortable and welcomed by one of the kit-mothers, Star That Shines On Water.
They are kept with the Tribe for several days because, although Stoneteller's herbs are working, Tawnypelt still needs time to heal. She is doing much better but gets sick of staying in the cave all day long, saying that the noise of the waterfall is driving her crazy.
She, along with all of the other journeying cats, are outraged that the Tribe cats want to keep Stormfur with them and says that she'll tear their pelts off and feed them to the eagles, despite her shoulder injury. She says that the mountains are a hundred times worse than Twolegplace, and questions Midnight's wisdom along with Crowpaw. But Tawnypelt supports Feathertail when she breaks up Crowpaw and Squirrelpaw's fight and says that, if they fight amongst themselves, their mission would fail. Tawnypelt also wonders if Stormfur actually is the promised cat to save the Tribe from Sharptooth, because he wasn't one of the chosen cats in the first place.
When they are driven out of the Tribe, Tawnypelt takes the first watch, saying that her shoulder is fine. She and Feathertail are the ones that steal Stormfur from the Cave of Pointed Stones, while the others attack the cave-guards.
Tawnypelt, along with all of the other forest cats, help the Tribe try to defeat Sharptooth with deathberries. When the plan fails, she reaches safety halfway up the cave wall near the entrance. Then, when Feathertail dies defeating Sharptooth Tawnypelt is shocked, as well as the other five cats, as they realize that Feathertail was the chosen cat of the Tribe's prophecy. She is devastated at Feathertail's death, as they had grown to be close friends over the journey, and is seen looking on with grief in her eyes.


Tawnypelt runs ahead of the other cats with Crowpaw, eager to be home again. The other cats find her and Crowpaw facing Owlpaw, a tiny WindClan apprentice. Along with every other cat, she is worried that her leader, Blackstar, would not agree to come to the Great Rock. She does persuade him, though, and meets with the other journeying cats, their leaders, and their medicine cats.
Later, Tawnypelt runs to the ThunderClan camp and begs them to help her when the Twolegs are attacking ShadowClan. WindClan is there, and both ThunderClan and WindClan agree to help, and ShadowClan eventually shelters with ThunderClan at Sunningrocks since their camp is destroyed. Throughout the entire series, Tawnypelt doesn't seem to be aware that Hawkfrost and Mothwing are her half-siblings, although it is mentioned by Sasha.
Tawnypelt and all the journeying cats help, guide, protect, and feed the Clans when they are traveling. She is committed to ShadowClan and fights to prove that she is loyal even though she is among her mother and siblings while she is traveling.
Tawnypelt also says that the kits of Tallpoppy were frightened of her when she came home, thinking of her as a stranger.


Tawnypelt helps to explore the new territories for all the Clans when they reached the lake and helps to discover her own Clan's new home. Despite difficulties in finding a good home for ShadowClan, she eventually found one. Unlike Brambleclaw, Tawnypelt does not acknowledge that Hawkfrost is her half-brother or Mothwing is her half-sister, and unlike most of ShadowClan's warriors, Tawnypelt does not help Mudclaw with his coup; although she remains neutral and does not side with Brambleclaw either.


Tawnypelt gets attacked by a hostile kittypet, Jacques, that lives in their territory. She explains to Squirrelflight how Jacques and his tabby friend, Susan, gave an apprentice, Talonpaw, such severe injuries that he died soon after dragging himself back to camp. The kittypets' Twolegs also threw something at Cedarheart, badly injuring his leg. Together, ThunderClan and ShadowClan come up with a plan to stop the kittypets from attacking ShadowClan without their Twolegs interfering. Tawnypelt volunteers to use herself as bait to lure the kittypets away from the Twoleg nest so the others could ambush them. When their plan is successful, Blackstar thanks ThunderClan at the Gathering, where Onestar then angrily calls Blackstar and Leopardstar terrible leaders for depending on ThunderClan.


Tawnypelt, like Hawkfrost and Brambleclaw, is visited by Tigerstar, offering to teach her to become a "true", ambitious warrior, yet she rejects him, telling Tigerstar that he only became leader by twisting the warrior code out of proportion in order to get what he wanted, while she wants to become leader, but only if StarClan wishes it. She then advises Brambleclaw that he should stop listening and following Tigerstar's malicious teachings because he had been accepting everything they had tried to avoid since they were kits. She even tells him she was happy that Tigerstar was killed by Scourge after discovering the tyrant he was. When Brambleclaw doesn't listen to her advice, she warns him about Tigerstar's intentions and leaves. Also, until now, Tawnypelt doesn't seem fazed when Brambleclaw mentions that he shares his dreams with Hawkfrost.
Later, Tawnypelt was seen greeting Brambleclaw at a Gathering. Tawnypelt reveals to him that Hawkfrost had told ShadowClan about ThunderClan's badger attack and that Littlecloud, who had gained the information from Leafpool, had said nothing. Tawnypelt also unveils her slight mistrust of her half-brother, Hawkfrost. Tawnypelt then runs back to her Clan.

In the Power of Three arc

The Sight

She is a queen, and has now moved into the nursery.

Dark River

She has given birth to three kits: Dawnkit, Flamekit, and Tigerkit. The father is Rowanclaw, and most cats are shocked when, at the Gathering, Blackstar announced the name of Tigerkit, as it seems to most cats that she named him after her father, Tigerstar.


Lionpaw and Brambleclaw go to ShadowClan's camp to ask if she will accompany them to the mountains, where the Tribe of Rushing Water lives. Dawnkit misbehaves by attacking Lionpaw, and Tawnypelt scolds her. She agrees to go to the mountains and leaves her kits, Dawnkit, Flamekit, and Tigerkit, despite their wishes to go, in Snowbird's care, as well as her mate Rowanclaw. She is accused by Russetfur, the deputy of ShadowClan, of being disloyal to her Clan by choosing to go, and Rowanclaw defends her by stating how he was proud of his mate, and how he hadn't forgotten how much help the Tribe gave them on the Great Journey.
On the journey to the mountains, she is in high spirits and is encouraging to the apprentices, except when they get themselves attacked by dogs. She remembers the first journey to the sun-drown-place along with the other warriors and grows nostalgic and sentimental.
In the mountains, she, as well as a patrol of Cave-Guards and Prey-Hunters, are attacked by the invaders. She fights well in the battle against the rogues, helping the Clan cats and Tribe of Rushing Water win, and later leaves to go back to the forest with the other Clan cats.


After Jaypaw helps to heal her sore pads in the mountains by numbing them in a cold stream, she is seen saying goodbye to Brook and Stormfur.
Later, when Hollypaw races to get ShadowClan to help ThunderClan against RiverClan and WindClan, Tawnypelt is one of the first helpful cats she sees. Tawnypelt asks her what is wrong and why she has come to ShadowClan. Hollypaw explains the situation to Tawnypelt, and Tawnypelt quickly takes her to Blackstar and Russetfur. Tawnypelt's kits, Tigerkit, Flamekit, and Dawnkit, spy on their conversation and demand to go to the battle with their mother. Tawnypelt scolds them, but it is obvious how proud she is. She leaves the kits with Snowbird, a fellow queen in the nursery. She leaves before the actual battle party is planned and comes with Hollypaw to the battle as quickly as she can.
Tawnypelt participates in the battle with WindClan and RiverClan, fighting alongside ThunderClan.
Jaypaw confronts her when he is looking for wounded cats. He smells her and the rest of the ShadowClan party and demands to know how she can fight against her own kin. She corrects him and sends Mousewhisker back to the camp as of an eye injury.

Long Shadows

Tawnypelt moves into ThunderClan with her kits due to Sol making ShadowClan lose most of Clan faiths and traditions. She strongly disagrees with what Sol teaches about StarClan and the Warrior Code. After Lionblaze, Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, Tigerpaw, Dawnpaw and Flamepaw create the fake sign, which turns out to be real, ShadowClan is restored, and Littlecloud comes to ThunderClan and requests that she returns and that no cat blames her for her decision. She takes her kits back to ShadowClan.


Tawnypelt is seen once at a Gathering when she greets Hollyleaf warmly. Hollyleaf pushes the tortoiseshell she-cat aside, and Tawnypelt doesn't conceal her surprise at Hollyleaf's rudeness.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

The Fourth Apprentice

Two of Tawnypelt's kits are now warriors called Dawnpelt and Tigerheart, while Flametail, her third kit, is the medicine cat apprentice under Littlecloud. She now has an apprentice: Starlingpaw.
When the cats return from the journey to free the water, Tawnypelt is the first cat to greet them when she is on a patrol with Owlclaw, Redwillow, and Starlingpaw. She calls out to them and touches noses with Toadfoot and licks Tigerheart all over, inviting them to come back to the ShadowClan camp and tell them everything. She sends her apprentice back to tell Blackstar and is overjoyed at seeing all of them.

Fading Echoes

When Firestar, Brambleclaw, and Jayfeather are escorted to the ShadowClan camp to take back the clearing, Tawnypelt is in camp and calls out, showing that she is confused and perplexed seeing the ThunderClan leader inside the ShadowClan camp.

Night Whispers

Dawnpelt and Tigerheart are tussling over who will be deputy when Blackstar dies. Tawnypelt tells them not to say anything like that. Rowanclaw comes by and comforts her by saying he's glad he's got competition.
She asks Flametail if he is okay when he comes back from the Moonpool. When Ivypaw is kidnapped by ShadowClan, Tawnypelt is sympathetic and very caring. Ivypaw is troubled by this and is not very grateful.
Her son, Flametail, is drowned when he plays prey-stone on the lake. The ice on the lake cracks and Flametail plummets through it, drowning.

The Forgotten Warrior

Tawnypelt is seen at a Gathering. When Blackstar announces that ShadowClan had won a battle with the two kittypets at the Twoleg nest, she looks satisfied.

The Last Hope

She is a minor character, shown to be moving past Pinenose and sitting beside Ratscar and Furzepelt.

In the A Vision of Shadows arc

The Apprentice's Quest

Needlepaw is now her apprentice. She has also become a grandmother to Juniperpaw, Sleekpaw, and Strikepaw.
At the Gathering, Needlepaw mentions overhearing Tawnypelt telling Crowfrost that WindClan has always been weak.
When Alderpaw assumes that Spikefur is Needlepaw's mentor, she quickly corrects him and says that Tawnypelt is her mentor. Needlepaw was on patrol with Spikefur because Tawnypelt was helping reinforce the camp walls.

Thunder and Shadow

She is on patrol with Sleekpaw and Stonewing when they find Leafpool and Alderpaw coming to help Littlecloud. She greets them warmly and helps carry their herbs. Alderpaw recognizes his father's coloring in Tawnypelt's mottled pelt and remembers how his father and Tawnypelt are littermates. When Sleekpaw mouths off about Littlecloud, Tawnypelt orders Sleekpaw to carry a herb parcel to keep her jaw shut. She apologizes to Leafpool about the young she-cat. Later, she sits vigil for Littlecloud with Rowanstar, Crowfrost, and Stonewing. She asks why Violetkit was out of the nursery so late and Needlepaw explains that Grassheart was kitting.
Bramblestar and his patrol run into Tawnypelt's patrol to share news about the rogues. Later, Alderpaw asks Yarrowpaw why Needlepaw wasn't with her mentor. Tawnypelt asks Needlepaw why she let Violetkit out of the camp and promises to speak to Pinenose about her attitude with Violetkit. She takes the two to Rowanstar who snaps at them for breaking the rules. When the rogues visit ShadowClan, Rowanstar sends Tawnypelt, Spikefur, and Dawnpelt to send them away. She is chosen again to escort them away with Spikefur and Tigerheart. Later, her apprentice, Needlepaw, leaves ShadowClan to join the rogues.
Moons later, Violetpaw runs into Tawnypelt, Tigerheart, and Spikefur on patrol. She is impressed by Violetpaw's offering and takes her to Rowanstar. She agrees to let Violetpaw rejoin ShadowClan. She is worried when her mate falls ill with yellowcough. When Violetpaw is chosen to go to WindClan to fetch lungwort to heal the sickness, Scorchfur mocks that Tawnypelt should've been chosen instead of Violetpaw because Tawnypelt could be trusted.
She is chosen to relay a message to Bramblestar about Twigpaw's containment in ShadowClan in exchange for lungwort. She and Bramblestar argue about Twigpaw's choice to stay in ShadowClan since her sister's in ShadowClan which is no different than Tawnypelt's choice to stay in ShadowClan with her father, Tigerstar. Later, she asks Tigerheart to mentor Lionpaw when Snowbird falls ill and snaps at Rippletail when he's late to join a hunting patrol. She stops Lionpaw and Birchpaw when they fight over a dead thrush and orders the two apprentices to help Puddleshine gather herbs.
During Kinkfur's vigil, she and Dawnpelt smooth out her fur. Later, Tigerheart, the new deputy, orders Dawnpelt to take Violetpaw, Tawnypelt, and Strikestone out to hunt. She is chosen for The Gathering and is surprised when few of their Clanmates refuse to attend. The rogues arrive and declare themselves the new leaders of ShadowClan. When Darktail attacks Rowanstar, Tigerheart and Tawnypelt rush to throw him off Rowanstar. She, Rowanstar and Tigerheart leave ShadowClan for the rogues. At the Gathering, Bramblestar welcomes them to stay in ThunderClan. She participates in ThunderClan hunting patrols, and Squirrelflight snaps at her when Tawnypelt asks Rowanstar's permission to join in patrols.

Shattered Sky

Tawnypelt is now the only remaining warrior of ShadowClan. Before the Clans' battle the Kin, Tawnypelt positions herself close beside Rowanstar.
As ThunderClan start to leave for a Gathering, Tawnypelt, her son and her mate join them, padding just behind Bramblestar.
As Rowanstar and Bramblestar argue, Tawnypelt listens a couple of tail-lengths away from the ThunderClan cats. Bramblestar argues that dead cats will be on Rowanstar's conscience if they send cats to battle before they heal. Tawnypelt rises to her paws and takes a step forward before her mate could retaliate. She begins to say there must be another way, but both leaders snap at her to stay out of it. She lashes her tail, asking if they are complete mouse-brains. She snaps this is every cat's business and in case they forgot, she reminds them she still has kin in ShadowClan’s former camp.
Former ShadowClan cats start leaving the Kin and fleeing to ThunderClan. Dawnpelt wants to do this too, mentioning she wants to be with Tawnypelt and Rowanstar.
When planning how to rescue the RiverClan prisoners, Mistystar mentions Darktail will notice them being smuggled out a few at a time and put Violetpaw in danger. Tawnypelt admits that is all true and says they need to make a plan to get all prisoners out at once. Many cats agree with her.
When most of the former ShadowClan cats return, Rowanstar calls them mouse-hearts for not returning sooner. Tawnypelt tells the leader to come on, padding up to him and nudging with her shoulder. She states they all know what Darktail and the Kin were like and no one knew how much of a threat he was at first, not even Rowanstar. Her mate glares at her for a moment, then agrees to let the former ShadowClan cats come back.

Darkest Night

She is at the Gathering with the other Clans, and while the other Clans blame Rowanstar for their troubles, she looks at him with pity. Alderheart notes that she would feel that way as Rowanstar is her mate, but the other Clans might feel differently.
The medicine cats share their vision of a cat with six toes, but the ShadowClan cats are skeptical. Rowanstar appears indecisive, and Scorchfur mocks him. Tawnypelt reprimands him, telling him to show his leader respect, but he retorts that Rowanstar has done nothing to deserve ShadowClan's respect. He let Darktail hunt on ShadowClan territory and corrupt their apprentices, but she insists that he still has the blessings of StarClan despite his mistakes. Ratscar steps forward and tells everyone that they need to stay united and look forward, ending the spat for a bit.
While Rowanstar waffles about what to do, Scorchfur asks if it's too late for him to do what's right. Tawnypelt defends her mate, stating that he's always done what's best for the Clan, to which he retorts that they now have Rowanstar to thank for the sorry state of ShadowClan. She asks if he could've done any better, and that it was ShadowClan's fault, not his. She reveals that he has nightmares of his lost Clanmates haunting him still. Scorchfur mutters that he has nine lives to dream about them, while they only had one. He also accuses Rowanstar of being the dark sky StarClan is warning them about. Tawnpelt retorts that if anyone is the dark sky, it's Scorchfur, as he let the rogues take over and drive their leader away. However, he says that Rowanstar was a weak leader then, and still is, and there's a reason why they chose Darktail over him.
Tawnypelt lashes out at Scorchfur, and he hooks his claws into her shoulders. They tussle for a bit, until they break free and Scorchfur swipes at her eyes. Everyone else is shocked, as warriors should never attack other warriors' eyes, but luckily Tawnypelt's eyes are unscathed. She tells Scorchfur he is no better than a rogue and is about to attack him again before Tigerheart intervenes. Rowanstar murmurs that they shouldn't fight, bringing the spat to an end.
At the next Gathering, Rowanstar announces that he will step down, a couple ShadowClan cats are unhappy. Scorchfur yowls that he can't give their land away, but Grassheart and Tawnypelt defend their leader's decision.
ShadowClan and the medicine cats gather on a shore as Tree brings back certain cats stuck between the dead and the living. They reunite for a bit, before they tell Rowanstar that he must find the missing cats that are still alive, and save ShadowClan. He is adamant that he does not have the strength left to fix his Clan, and although Alderheart tries to convince him, he is not swayed. Rowanstar gives up his leader name, insistent that he has no right to it. Now he is Rowanclaw. The ghost cats begin the fade, and Tawnypelt wails that they still have questions, but Tree cannot keep them there for much longer. He asks if they can save the Clans now, but no cat can answer, as questions are left unanswered and ShadowClan is without a leader.

River of Fire

Leafstar asks Rowanclaw to take a patrol to the old ShadowClan camp, and Tawnypelt springs to her paws, her fur ruffled and her eyes blazing in fury. She tells Leafstar that Rowanclaw was a former leader, and the task she had just asked was for an apprentice. Leafstar tells the tortoiseshell that it wasn't a slight on Rowanclaw, but mainly due to the fact that both she and Rowanclaw know their camp well. Rowanclaw rests his tail on his mate's shoulder and assures her he is okay with what Leafstar asks, adding that he is no longer a leader and wants to pitch in in whatever way he can. Violetshine notices that Rowanclaw does not meet his mate's gaze, and wonders if disappointing her was the biggest mistake he could have made rather then disbanding ShadowClan. The two mates leave to investigate and find bedding within the old camp with Violetshine and Hawkwing.
Violetshine lets Rowanclaw and Tawnypelt go on ahead, and Hawkwing tells her that the two of them most likely want to talk, and Violetshine will understand when she's older, causing Violetshine to think to herself that the last cat she wants to talk about mates with his her father.
Wondering where the two mates went, Violetshine discovers the two of them talking, and eavesdrops on them. Tawnypelt asks Rowanclaw if disbanding ShadowClan is truly what he wanted, telling the ginger tom that they were among the five original Clans, and assures him the rest of ShadowClan will support him if he admits he made a mistake. Rowanclaw however, denies and barely meets his mate's gaze, and tells her that without Tigerheart, he sees no point in even trying. Violetshine goes back to Hawkwing and tells the deputy that Rowanclaw and Tawnypelt can find the bedding themselves. Hawkwing informs her that they were supposed to finish the patrol and help Rowanclaw and Tawnypelt with it.
After discovering Sleekwhisker and Yarrowleaf, Violetshine, Tree, and Sandynose bring them back to SkyClan, and Violetshine sees Rowanclaw and Tawnypelt sharing tongues. However, Tawnypelt notices the two she-cats and springs to her paws, shouting that she knew she scented a traitor. Before Rowanclaw can stop her, Tawnypelt races across the camp and stops in front of Yarrowleaf. She raises her paw, claws unsheathed, but lowers it upon seeing that Yarrowleaf is expecting kits. The she-cat instead spits at Yarrowleaf that because of her and the other deserters, ShadowClan had fallen. Leafstar contemplates whether to let the two she-cats in, and Tawnypelt snarls that she shouldn't take them in, as they were traitors who attacked and killed their own Clanmates and are unforgivable. Leafstar raises her paw to silence Tawnypelt. Yarrowleaf pleads to let them in, telling SkyClan that they have nowhere to go and have kin in SkyClan now. Tawnypelt spits that they should have thought of that before she betrayed her Clanmates. Sleekwhisker explains that they left because they thought Rowanclaw was weak, which causes the ShadowClan cats, including Tawnypelt, to gasp in outrage. Leafstar decides to force Sleekwhisker and Yarrowleaf out, which causes Scorchfur to reprimand Leafstar for not understanding ShadowClan's bonds. Tawnypelt speaks up and says that whether they like it or not, Leafstar is their leader, and she was chosen by StarClan to lead. Juniperclaw snorts that she was chosen to lead SkyClan, and Tawnypelt glares at her grandson, forcing him to eventually drop his gaze from her. Tawnypelt goes on, saying Leafstar made the right decision, and Yarrowleaf and Sleekwhisker were traitors. She then adds that if any of them thought differently, the camp entrance was right there.
Leafstar asks why the ShadowClan cats are standing around, as there was work to be done. Violetshine believes that the brown tabby is more shaken up by Tawnypelt's sudden defense rather than the hostility of the ShadowClan cats. Violetshine thinks to herself that ever since Sleekwhisker and Yarrowleaf were thrown out, Snowbird, Scorchfur, and Juniperclaw began criticizing and ignoring Leafstar and Hawkwing, and only rebukes from Tawnypelt and Rowanclaw kept the three from outright defiance.
Violetshine and Tree discover that Sleekwhisker and Yarrowleaf are being kept in the old ShadowClan camp, and after being told that all of ShadowClan didn't want them gone, Leafstar reminds Juniperclaw that Rowanclaw and Tawnypelt didn't trust them either. Rowanclaw tells Leafstar that all of the former ShadowClan cats want to be in SkyClan. Tawnypelt agrees with him and looks around as if daring any of her clanmates to prove her wrong. She is later spotted by Violetshine as she talks with Rowanclaw, their voices hushed and anxious.
Violetshine, Twigpaw and Tree deduce that ShadowClan needs to be revived. Tree says that surely one of the ShadowClan cats would make a good leader, and Violetshine immediately thinks of Tawnypelt and tells Tree that the tortoiseshell was someone they could talk too, and she reveals that after Tigerheart left, Rowanclaw appointed her to succeed him. She adds that Tawnypelt will probably want to revive ShadowClan.
The three of them speak to Leafstar, informing her that they want to talk to Tawnypelt and ask her if she will step up as leader and Leafstar instantly hisses at them, asking if they want to rebuild ShadowClan. Leafstar, although having reached her breaking point with ShadowClan, allows them to talk to her about it. The three find Tawnypelt and Rowanclaw sharing tongues beside a stream, and Violetshine tells the tortoiseshell that they need to talk to her. Tawnypelt looks up at them and glances at Twigpaw. She tells them she saw them speaking with Leafstar, and mutters that she hopes Twigpaw doesn't plan on coming back. Twigpaw assures her that she was just visiting, and Tawnypelt grunts her approval, and asks why they were even here. Violetshine, gathering her courage, asks Tawnypelt if she would consider leading ShadowClan since they were one of the original five Clans. Tawnypelt exchanges a shocked glance with Rowanclaw and asks why her, telling them they have a leader right there, gesturing to Rowanclaw. Rowanclaw instantly denies but reveals that he has been dreaming of Tigerheart returning. Tawnypelt looks at him, and her green eyes soften and admits that she hopes it's true, and the two mates share a sorrow glance in remembrance of their only surviving kit. Rowanclaw continues and says that since Tawnypelt was the deputy before ShadowClan disbanded, he would be more then happy to support his mate if she wanted to become leader. Sleekwhisker and Yarrowleaf appear and say that they agree with Violetshine, Twigpaw, and Tree, and want to see ShadowClan again. Tawnypelt's gaze is undecided, and says she'll think about it, and begins to mention Puddleshine, but is cut off by Yarrowleaf, who's kits are coming.
She is mentioned by Twigpaw, who thinks to herself that Bramblestar and Sparkpelt were furious at her for going to SkyClan, but the ShadowClan cats were interested in making Tawnypelt leader and reviving ShadowClan. She is thought of yet again by Violetshine, who thinks that Tawnypelt would be a strong leader for ShadowClan.
During a windstorm, Leafstar orders Tawnypelt to go inside with the other warriors. Tawnypelt hesitates and tells the brown she-cat that it's probably different for SkyClan, but she cannot just leave when other Clans could need her help. Leafstar glares at her and asks if she's implying that SkyClan doesn't care about the other Clans, but her first responsibility is SkyClan and tells her to obey her order. Tawnypelt refuses and says she is going to go see if the other Clans need help. Juniperclaw stands forward with his grandmother and says he will go too. Rowanclaw steps forward so he is beside his mate and grandson, and says he will as well. Leafstar, irritated, says that Hawkwing, Violetshine, and the three ShadowClan cats can go then, placing Hawkwing in charge. Tawnypelt awkwardly tells Hawkwing that she didn't mean to undermine Leafstar, but she needs to find out if the Clans are okay. Hawkwing looks ahead, not meeting the older she-cat's gaze, and tells her that she must decide that either she or Leafstar is the leader, and she's making it seem like they are two Clans sharing a camp, and not SkyClan. Tawnypelt is taken back by the deputy's tone and falls back so she is beside Rowanclaw, and Violetshine shoots her a sympathetic glance. She thinks to herself that Tawnypelt was trying to do the right thing, and recalls that if StarClan approved, she would take over as ShadowClan's leader. The black and white she-cat thinks that Puddleshine was still waiting for a sign, and Tawnypelt is in a really awkward position.
The patrol reaches ThunderClan, and Bramblestar explains that they were deciding what to do next, and informing that ThunderClan and WindClan were going to divide up RiverClan and shelter them. Tawnypelt exclaims that her brother's idea was mouse-brained. Violetshine thinks that even though Bramblestar and Tawnypelt were littermates, she shouldn't address a Clan leader like that. Tawnypelt continues, saying that ShadowClan's former camp is closer for RiverClan and they could use that instead, but she breaks off and casts a sideways glance to Hawkwing, who was staring at her, his whiskers twitching as if trying to tell her that what she just said wasn't her offer to make. However, Hawkwing agrees to it, if Leafstar will allow it.
The patrol returns with RiverClan, and after a brief nod with Mistystar, Leafstar summons Tawnypelt. The tortoiseshell tries to defend her actions, explaining she meant no disrespect, but Leafstar cuts her off and tells her that she and the other ShadowClan cats must decide that they are either SkyClan, or ShadowClan, and if they want to be SkyClan, she must never question her judgment again. Tawnypelt dips her head and assures her that she won't. While deciding what to do with Tree, Tawnypelt unexpectedly comes to the yellow tom's defense after Hawkwing tells the Clans he has seen Tree in action.
Sleekwhisker disappears with Yarrowleaf's kits, and Violetshine detects Tawnypelt's scent and informs Rowanclaw. The tom is confused but quickly realizes that Violetshine was telling the truth. Yarrowleaf spits that Tawnypelt never wanted her in the Clan. Rowanclaw replies hoarsely that he doesn't believe it, and his mate would never want to harm Flaxkit and Hopkit. Violetshine agrees and says she is an honorable warrior, but wonders why Tawnypelt was with Sleekwhisker and the kits. After finding two other scents, Rowanclaw exclaims that he knows what has happened, and becomes bitter as he explains that the two scents come from two kittypets, Jacques and Susan, which causes Yarrowleaf to wail in grief, and Jacques appears.
Rowanclaw, Violetshine, Yarrowleaf and Macgyver find Tawnypelt crouched beside a pool of water, and a cat whom Violetshine assumes to be Susan, along with two of Darktail's rogues, Nettle, the father of Flaxkit and Hopkit, and Raven. Rowanclaw demands that Tawnypelt tell him what was going on. Tawnypelt, fury blazing in her eyes, tells her mate that Sleekwhisker asked her if she wanted to go hunting after Leafstar reprimanded her, but while out, Jacques and Susan jumped her, but she gave them a few scratches to worry about. Violetshine recalls seeing a fresh scratch on Jacques' nose and feels relief that Tawnypelt is a prisoner, not a traitor.
Rowanclaw, now having the hint of a growl in his voice, says that he doesn't know what Sleekwhisker wants with Tawnypelt. Sleekwhisker raises to her paws and faces her grandfather, saying that the tortoiseshell is especially for him, and tells him he was a weak leader, and growing up she was miserable because he failed to deal with Darktail's rogues. Rowanclaw bows his head and admits that it was his fault, and he has paid for his mistakes. Sleekwhisker hisses that it isn't enough, and she is going to take away the one thing Rowanclaw has left, Tawnypelt. Rowanclaw stiffens, flexes his claws, and tells the yellow she-cat that while she may have taken his mate, she won't keep her. Sleekwhisker snarls that she won't keep her, because she's going to kill her, and he will watch. Tawnypelt spits at her granddaughter that she'd like to see her try. Sleekwhisker says that she'll do more than try, and any cat who twitches more than a whisker, she will kill Hopkit and Flaxkit. Yarrowleaf yowls defiance and tries to sweep her kits closer, but Nettle knocks her aside, and faces Rowanclaw. The brown tom tells the former leader that they'll exchange his life for Tawnypelt's but sadistically adds that they all know he's too weak to sacrifice himself for her. Rowanclaw however, instantly agrees to Nettle's proposal and says he will give up his life for Tawnypelt, but the kits must go free as well. Nettle insolently meows that the kits are his. Rowanclaw steps forward and says that he deserves everything that will come to him and droops his head submissively, but the ginger tom explodes into action, leaping onto Nettle and clawing at him, causing Sleekwhisker to attack him as well, and Yarrowleaf runs over to grab Hopkit, while Tawnypelt grabs Flaxkit.
Tawnypelt returns to the fight after dropping Flaxkit off with Yarrowleaf, and the tortoiseshell leaps onto Jacques, and despite Jacques' hulking body, he is no match for Tawnypelt's swift battle skills, and soon the tom flees, with Macgyver and Violetshine chasing off Susan and Raven. Sleekwhisker, defeated by Rowanclaw, follows them into the undergrowth. Violetshine looks around for Rowanclaw and sees him beside Nettle, the now dead tom halfway into the pool, blood spilling into the water, while Rowanclaw bleeds out from the wounds inflicted by Sleekwhisker and Nettle. Violetshine calls Rowanclaw's name, and Tawnypelt flashes past her and flings herself to Rowanclaw's side. She pleads for her mate to stay with her. Rowanclaw blinks up at her and tells her that it was his fault that ShadowClan was destroyed, but she shouldn't worry, raising his paw up to touch his mate's shoulder, and says that Tigerheart will return, and he has seen their son in his dreams. Violetshine sadly thinks that she didn't believe the dying cat's words, and thinks that Tawnypelt probably doesn't either.
Rowanclaw says goodbye to his mate, closes his eyes and goes limp, while the blood flowing from his throat slowly stops. Tawnypelt nuzzles his shoulder and says he has to come back, since he had nine lives. Violetshine contemplates whether Rowanclaw could have possibly kept his lives and been Rowanstar all along, but after a while, it becomes clear that the former leader did, in fact, return his lives. Violetshine mews gently to Tawnypelt that they'll help her carry Rowanclaw back to camp for his vigil, adding that he gave back his lives, but finishes that her mate died like a Clan leader. Macgyver pads over and helps the two she-cats lift Rowanclaw's body and asks Tawnypelt if she is able to lead ShadowClan. Tawnypelt looks at the SkyClan warrior as if she didn't understand the question, but realizes what he meant. Tawnypelt shakes her head and says that without Rowanclaw, ShadowClan is dead.
Upon learning that Tigerheart had returned with Cloverfoot, Berryheart, Sparrowtail, and Slatefur, Tawnypelt is among the cats present to see him, although she is distraught to learn that her son has died. She is spotted by Violetshine and sees that Tawnypelt has her head down, staring at her paws. Violetshine feels sorry for her, and wonders how any cat can bear so much grief, naming her daughter Dawnpelt, Rowanclaw, and Tigerheart. She adds that Tawnypelt is very brave. Tawnypelt also meets her granddaughters Pouncekit and Lightkit, and her grandson Shadowkit through Tigerheart.
However, Tigerheart is resurrected, becoming Tigerstar, and the new leader revives ShadowClan. Juniperclaw starts the chant for his uncle's new name, and the rest of ShadowClan follows him in doing so. As the chant dies, Tawnypelt pushes herself forward from Slatefur and Cloverfoot and presses against her son's side, purring as if she were going to burst, overjoyed at the sight of her now only surviving kit. She begs Tigerstar to tell them what had happened, and Puddleshine tells her that her son was brought back with nine lives to lead ShadowClan, and Tigerstar confirms, adding it was amazing, and tells his mother that he saw Rowanclaw and Dawnpelt in StarClan. Tigerstar leads ShadowClan home, Tawnypelt pauses by Violetshine, and asks if she wants to come, saying that Tigerstar will be happy to have her in the newly reformed Clan. Violetshine denies, telling the she-cat that she is SkyClan, but thanks her for the offer. After the ShadowClan cats leave, Violetshine thinks to herself that she admires Tawnypelt for her strength.
She and Tigerstar are mentioned by Puddleshine after being told by Alderheart that one of ShadowClan's warriors is now a kittypet named Buster. Puddleshine promises to tell Tigerstar and Tawnypelt and hopefully, they can bring Buster back home.

The Raging Storm

She is now Tigerstar's deputy. Snakepaw has also become a warrior, Snaketooth, and Tawnypelt has been given her fifth apprentice; Conepaw.
She, Dovewing and Scorchfur come to ThunderClan to retrieve Puddleshine, being flanked by Brackenfur and Fernsong, the latter of which informs Bramblestar. Bramblestar comes up to the patrol and asks if they've come for their medicine cat. Tawnypelt stiffly tells her brother that Tigerstar told them they were coming to retrieve him in two days and asks if he is ready to move. Bramblestar hesitates, and Tawnypelt demands him to answer. Bramblestar instead remarks that it was strange for her to bring Dovewing along, noting the uneasy tensions between her and her former Clan. Tawnypelt simply replies that Dovewing is ShadowClan now, and can join patrols whether to hunt or escort Clan members home. Bramblestar says that surely she should be in the nursery taking care of her kits, to which Dovewing explains she wanted to see Ivypool. Scorchfur demands to know where Puddleshine is, to which Alderheart explains that he's dressed his wounds with herbs, but an infection formed, and Bramblestar tells his littermate that Puddleshine is healing slower then expecting. Tawnypelt exclaims that ThunderClan has three medicine cats, and apparently none of them can cure a Silverthorn scratch, barging past Bramblestar and heading for the medicine den, Alderheart following behind his father and aunt.
Tawnypelt inspects Puddleshine, and remarks that he smells terrible, asking if they even took care of him. Puddleshine assures the deputy that Alderheart has been taking care of him, and he's done everything he would have done himself. Alderheart informs the tortoiseshell that the smell has something to do with his wounds, and it isn't an infection he's seen before. Tawnypelt snaps that an infection is an infection. Jayfeather looks up from where he was working and tells Tawnypelt that not everything is curable with herbs and a prayer from StarClan, as well as getting angry with them obviously isn't going to help. He goes on, saying that Puddleshine clearly cannot walk home and nobody in ShadowClan can treat his wounds. Tawnypelt meows that Alderheart can go with him, and Puddleshine tells her that he isn't going to take Alderheart away from his Clan, and informs her that he'll stay in ThunderClan for another few days until the infection subsides, and he'll return home. Tawnypelt demands to know who would look after ShadowClan if someone is sick. Puddleshine asks if someone is, and Tawnypelt says there isn't. Bramblestar steers her away, gently telling her to let him rest. Tawnypelt relaxes, and Alderheart thinks to himself that he sometimes forgot that Bramblestar had a sister in ShadowClan. Bramblestar tells the deputy that they'll send him home as soon as he's well enough, but in the meantime, he cannot leave but says he will happily spare Alderheart or Leafpool if the need arises for ShadowClan. Tawnypelt frowns, but nods at her brother. She turns to Puddleshine and tells him to get well soon, and they all miss him. Puddleshine blinks at her gratefully as she exits the den with Bramblestar. Tawnypelt then gathers Scorchfur and Dovewing and heads back to ShadowClan.
At a Gathering, Violetshine unintentionally catches Tawnypelt's eye. The tortoiseshell stares back at Violetshine coldly, seemingly suppressing the fact that they shared a camp no less than a moon ago. When more cats arrive, Tawnypelt takes her place at the root of the Great Oak, beside Reedwhisker, Crowfeather, Hawkwing, and Squirrelflight. As Tigerstar finishes announcing ShadowClan's glorious reunification, he informs the Clans that Tawnypelt is stepping down as deputy. As he says this, Tawnypelt hops down from her place at the Great Oak, with her grandson Juniperclaw taking her place. Tigerstar announces that Juniperclaw is ShadowClan's new deputy, sparking waves of surprise throughout the Clans.
At a Gathering, she is flanking behind Tigerstar, Juniperclaw, Stonewing, Cloverfoot, and Scorchfur with Strikestone. The two cats bringing up the rear of them. When Bramblestar and Alderheart come to ShadowClan's camp, she is seen sitting on the edge of camp, her fur wet and making no effort to move even when she sees Bramblestar.
When Bramblestar reveals the accusations against Juniperclaw, Tawnypelt pads closer with interest. Not long after, Juniperclaw admits to poisoning SkyClan, and Tawnypelt is shocked at the fact. Tigerstar, angered and stunned, orders Tawnypelt and Scorchfur to take Juniperclaw to the warriors den and guard it. The two cats oblige, although Strikestone takes up guard instead of Scorchfur. Soon thereafter, Shadowkit disappears, and so does Juniperclaw. Tawnypelt and Strikestone sniff around the ground, trying to catch either of their scents. As Dovewing begins to panic, Bramblestar suggests sending a cat to WindClan. Tawnypelt bounds up and says she will. Tigerstar orders her to inform Harestar and Mistystar as well and whispers that Shadowkit is in great danger. Tawnypelt races out of the camp thereafter.

In The Broken Code arc

Lost Stars

Tawnypelt attends Clan meeting, sitting with Cloverfoot and Dovewing. Tawnypelt speaks up when Tigerstar says he will be closing the border, asking why. Shadowpaw thinks about how she used to be Tigerstar's deputy, so she was used to speaking her opinion. Tawnypelt is one of the senior warriors who discuss Shadowpaw's vision. She agrees with Cloverfoot's remark about how the 'fire' will affect all Clans and talks about how the Clans must stick together, bringing up Darktail.
Tawnypelt is greatly affected by Bramblestar's passing and Shadowpaw is shown to be guilty, remembering how Tawnypelt brought him to the Tribe of Rushing Water when he was a kit and how grateful he was for that.
At the Gathering, Bramblestar asks if any of the leaders would like to admit any codebreakers they have, to which Tawnypelt is shocked. Shadowpaw remembers a story his mother told him about how Tawnypelt was originally from ThunderClan but moved, and that makes her a codebreaker.

The Silent Thaw

Tawnypelt agrees with Dovewing that Shadowpaw will make a great medicine cat and thanks him for saving her brother's life. When the medicine cats reveal at a Gathering that StarClan still remains silent, Tawnypelt is in dismay and questions why StarClan suddenly stopped sharing with the Clans. Later, Tawnypelt watches over Pouncestep as Puddleshine treats her. Tawnypelt explains to Shadowsight and Dovewing how Pouncestep fell from a tree due to a wasps' nest. Tawnypelt frets over her as Puddleshine ushers her and Dovewing away.
Tawnypelt walks into camp and stops to ask what Squirrelflight is doing in their camp. When Tree and Rootpaw reveal Bramblestar's ghost to the ShadowClan cats, Tawnypelt confirms it is her brother. She reminds Tigerstar how the Clans stood up against Darktail and they can do it again against the impostor.

Veil of Shadows

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In the Super Editions

Firestar's Quest

During his final warrior assessment, Bramblepaw thinks about Tawnypaw, and wonders if she would be made a warrior soon as well. Firestar reassures him that Oakfur will have been training Tawnypaw well, and, because she is his age, she'll probably be made a warrior soon.
At Brambleclaw's first Gathering as a warrior, he runs into Tawnypaw, who confirms that she had been made a warrior, now Tawnypelt, to her brother's excitement. She's happy that Brambleclaw had been made a warrior too. When the leaders are speaking, Blackstar announces that Tawnypelt is ShadowClan's newest warrior. While most of the Clan cats cheer, several of Tawnypelt's own Clanmates stay silent, mainly the deputy, Russetfur, because Tawnypelt had been born in ThunderClan.
Firestar remembers how Tawnypelt left ThunderClan to join her father, Tigerstar, in ShadowClan, much later on.

Bramblestar's Storm

When Bramblestar brings a patrol to see Blackstar, Tawnypelt and her patrol meet them. Tawnypelt asks her brother what he is doing, bristling her fur in shock and anger. She glares at the leader while working her claws on the ground. Bramblestar explains he wants to see Blackstar, but Grasspaw wants to chase them off. Tawnypelt informs the apprentice that leaders can visit each other and he doesn't need to react to everything with aggression. Tawnypelt seems wary as she faces the ThunderClan patrol, telling her brother that she'll escort them to ShadowClan camp as they don’t run into trouble they claim to be not looking for. The she-cat leads both patrols through the trees and, at camp, she reports to Blackstar that she found the ThunderClan patrol wandering around their territory and asked to see Blackstar. After the leaders talk, Blackstar orders Tawnypelt to escort the patrol back but Bramblestar refuses the escort. During a Gathering, when Blackstar gets upset about honoring the fallen, Rowanclaw soothes him with kind words and Tawnypelt’s eyes are filled with pride for her mate.
After the leaders talk, Tawnypelt squeezes in between her Clanmates to talk to Bramblestar. They touch noses in greeting and Tawnypelt mentions it's good to see him. Bramblestar mentions that Rowanclaw did a good job before, and Tawnypelt agrees that he is great. Bramblestar starts suggesting that it won’t be long until Rowanclaw becomes leader and Tawnypelt's neck fur bristles in offense. She asks if he is thinking if Blackstar is too old to lead them, and denies this, insisting her leader is fine. Bramblestar tells her to take it easy and keep her fur on. Tawnypelt lashes her tail then presses her nose against the leader's shoulder. She tells him to take care, calling him a stupid furball before turning to join her Clan. When Bramblestar runs into another ShadowClan patrol, he asks if his sister is at least okay. Ferretclaw insists all the Clan is okay. Much later, Bramblestar scents ShadowClan trespassers but discovers it is Tawnypelt, and he asks what she is doing there. Tawnypelt emerges from the bushes and Bramblestar reassures Jessy that it's his sister and orders her to wait. Tawnypelt seems thin and ruffled, eyes wide. Bramblestar asks if her mate is okay, and Tawnypelt replies he's as okay as the rest of the Clan.
Tawnypelt tells her brother of her grief, explaining that ShadowClan is in trouble as they lost their camp and a lot of their hunting grounds as the lake has flooded it. Bramblestar admits that is bad and explains about ThunderClan’s own troubles. He asks if ShadowClan has tried hunting at the top border like ThunderClan is. Tawnypelt says yes but admits they have run into problems. She hesitates, lowering her head and seemingly uncomfortable as she claws the ground. Bramblestar asks what she is talking about and Tawnypelt takes a breath. She explains that there are kittypets who think they own a part of the forest and are attacking ShadowClan patrols. Bramblestar asks if she is talking about Susan and Jacques, but Tawnypelt shakes her head, explaining they were taken away with their Twoleg when the lake started flooding. She explains these cats are different. Bramblestar is surprised kittypets can chase away ShadowClan cats, and Tawnypelt protests there were lots of kittypets. She explains that they are hungry and not as strong as they once were. Bramblestar feels for his sister as she is torn between pride and desperation. He asks what she wants him to do and if he wants him to give fresh-kill. Tawnypelt can't reply because Jessy bounds up.
Jessy greets Tawnypelt and Bramblestar introduces the kittypet. Tawnypelt is surprised, eyes stretching wide as she asks if she is a kittypet. She gazes over her brother's shoulder and asks if there are more kittypets with him. She sees that Frankie and Minty is also there. Tawnypelt asks Bramblestar if he is mouse-brained, she queries if taking in kittypets and giving them food and shelter at a time like this is a good idea. Bramblestar snaps they would have died if they didn't rescue them. His sister retorts it's not his problem. She concludes she cannot ask for help if he is too busy taking care of these kittypets. Bramblestar keeps calm as he knows Tawnypelt is snapping because she is worried about her Clan. He calmly explains that Firestar showed compassion is strength. Tawnypelt retorts Firestar would have put his Clanmates first before turning to stalk away. She looks over her shoulder, telling Bramblestar to forget what she said as Rowanstar will figure out something before vanishing into bushes. Minty comments that the warrior is really fiery, but Dovewing explains that is Bramblestar's sister and she is pretty good for a ShadowClan cat. Bramblestar is torn between his anger and worry for his sister, as he knows ShadowClan must really be in trouble for Tawnypelt to come and beg for help, as she is proud of her Clan. Dovewing is worried about Tawnypelt too, and asks if she is okay. Bramblestar admits she's not as okay as everyone else is.
When Bramblestar offers to help with the kittypets, Rowanstar demands to know who told him. As if she was summoned, Tawnypelt appears in the lead of a hunting patrol. She is carrying a blackbird in her jaws. She halts when she sees the leaders, and Rowanstar instantly figures out his mate told Bramblestar. He orders her to come over right away. Tawnypelt gives her bird to her hunting patrol before walking over and Rowanstar confronts her on his suspicions. The she-cat glares at her brother as if wanting to ask why he just rushed in and confirms she did. She says she will ask for help from her brother when she needs it. Rowanstar asks if she thinks that’s Clan loyalty, and Tawnypelt snaps he has no reason to doubt her loyalty. Her meow is scathing at first, but it softens as she steps to her mate. She begs to let ThunderClan help them. Rowanstar still refuses and the Clans leave the border. Bramblestar explains to Jessy about his sister, saying that Tawnypelt was born in ThunderClan but joined ShadowClan because their father was leader. He mentions he misses his sister but doesn’t regret his decision to stay in ThunderClan.
Bramblestar leads a patrol to help ShadowClan fight the badgers. The leader sees Tawnypelt as part of a battle patrol, battered and scarred. He thinks they must have just fought the badgers. Tawnypelt is bringing up the rear of the patrol but halts, tasting the air before running to Bramblestar in his hiding place. Bramblestar insists he doesn't want trouble and she's not supposed to know they are there. Tawnypelt explains they are siblings and she would recognize his scent anywhere. Bramblestar winces at his sister's scratched muzzle and missing fur. Bramblestar asks if the badgers have moved into ShadowClan territory, and Tawnypelt explains they didn't move into their usual territory, just some old sandy sets where badgers have moved into since the flood. She thinks that the floods drove them out of their old homes. Bramblestar suggests they'll move back since the flood is receding, but Tawnypelt retorts that hedgehogs will fly, explaining that ShadowClan is suffering. She says that ThunderClan did drive the kittypets away but the badgers make it difficult to hunt safely and most of the territory is underwater still too. She lowers her head in shame, saying that her Clan was too harsh and should have been grateful for his help.
Bramblestar touches his nose to her ear and says he won't barge in and help again. Tawnypelt raises her head, locking her gaze on Bramblestar's. She asks if that’s really true as ShadowClan cannot fight the badgers alone, as they are too hungry and weak. Bramblestar asks if she is asking for help, and Tawnypelt takes a deep breath, confirming she is. Bramblestar agrees to help, causing a stir in his Clan. Squirrelflight asks if he would really risk ThunderClan to help Tawnypelt. Bramblestar agrees he’ll do anything for his sister. Two days later, Bramblestar heads to ShadowClan to talk to Tawnypelt, and finds her on a hunting patrol, having caught a mouse. He calls her name and the she-cat stiffens, turning around and dropping her prey. She warns her brother to run as a patrol is nearby, and Bramblestar urges her to come to him then, so Tawnypelt grabs her mouse and they slide under a bush. Bramblestar explains his decision, and Tawnypelt's eyes stretch wide, asking if he'll do that with his Clan. Bramblestar insists he can't be talked out of it as he wants to help, so Tawnypelt rests her tail on his flank and says she asked for help before; she cannot refuse now.
Tawnypelt explains that Rowanstar wants to attack tomorrow night before the moon gets brighter. A voice yowls for the tortoiseshell, and she insists she must leave, thanking her brother before wriggling out of the bush and leaving. Bramblestar does bring a battle patrol during the night ShadowClan attacks the badgers, and sees a badger bracing its paw to slam down on Tawnypelt. Bramblestar starts to run but knows he is not quick enough, thinking his sister will die. Squirrelflight suddenly attacks the badger and it only grazes its paw over Tawnypelt, who is rolling away. She springs to her paws and faces another badger. Alongside her brother, Bramblestar and Tawnypelt force the badger backward, ducking beneath it and slashing its throat, even though Tawnypelt has an injury on her shoulder, but it does not slow her down at all. She growls for the badger to get off her territory or she'll use its fur to make her nest. The badger tries to run away with Tawnypelt biting at its hind legs. Confident she is safe, Bramblestar leaves her to it. The battle is a win for the Clans, but Dustpelt dies against the badgers. Tawnypelt stands by her brother's side and apologizes. She dips her head to the deceased warrior, mentioning that he was noble and all the Clans will grieve.
Tawnypelt traces her tail against Bramblestar's flank, thanking him for helping. She says it was more than protecting his territory, but it was to protect her because she needed him. Bramblestar looks in her eyes, recalling an omen he received and thinks that he and Tawnypelt share the same blood, and even though floods threatened them their kinship gave them the strength to survive. He doesn't explain this to his sister as it wasn't the right time. Rowanstar tells Tawnypelt it's time to return to camp and she dips her head, touching noses with her brother before joining her Clanmates. Rowanstar confronts Bramblestar, and the ThunderClan leader doesn’t mention that Tawnypelt begged for his help to protect her. He later thinks that the bond he shares with his sister led him to save ShadowClan.

Tigerheart's Shadow

She and Rowanstar are talking anxiously in ShadowClan's camp, and Tigerheart wonders if they should be doing something other than talking. When Alderheart and Willowshine arrive in their territory to tell them they should find a cat with an extra claw, she and Scorchfur fight over something unknown. Scorchfur hisses they chose a rogue over Rowanstar because he was weak then and is weak now. Tawnypelt yowls in anger and swipes at her opponent's muzzle. Tigerheart freezes and panics that his Clan is fighting itself; meanwhile, Scorchfur retaliates and slices at the tortoiseshell's face. Panicked, the brown tabby flings himself in between the fighting cats and shields his mother. He asks her if she's okay, and is shocked to see the blood welling at her eye. Puddleshine eases the tom away from Tawnypelt, and tells her it's only a flesh wound. Her vision will not be affected.
Tigerheart asks if his mother is okay, and Puddleshine nods. However, he tells the deputy he must speak with him and the leader.
Strikestone calls out to Snakepaw and tells her they're going hunting. Tigerheart can tell he's trying to distract her from not only Tawnypelt's injury, but also the high tensions in the Clan.
After her son returns to camp, she calls out to him and leads him away from the patrol. Stonewing asks what ThunderClan wanted, and she responds that one of their warriors is missing. Although it's ThunderClan's problem, they still wanted to know if ShadowClan saw her. Juniperclaw says he hopes Rowanstar didn't drag them into another Clan's issues, and Tawnypelt retorts of course not. After Tigerheart and Stonewing argue for a bit, Whorlpaw asks who's missing. The she-cat meows Dovewing, and the apprentice suggests she was attacked by the sick badger that was on ShadowClan territory. Tawnypelt replies no because they sent out a patrol to check if the badger was gone. Whorlpaw proposes that it went onto ThunderClan territory. Juniperclaw points out they would've known about it.
Tawnypelt tells the patrol to take their catch to camp, then turns to her son and asks if he knows anything about Dovewing's disappearance. Tigerheart lies and says no, asking why. She replies the way he acted around her when they were in ThunderClan is clear enough. He ate and talked with her like she was the only cat in the world. The tortoiseshell isn't the only one who notices; Ivypool does too. She asked ShadowClan if Tigerheart specifically knew anything. The ThunderClan she-cat will go to SkyClan for answers, but she knows they won't have any. Tawnypelt asks the dark brown tabby if something went on between him and Dovewing. Hesitating, Tigerheart avoids the question and tells his mother he doesn't know where Dovewing is. The she-cat narrows her eyes, doubting her son's words. She reminds the tom both ShadowClan and his father needs him, and he snaps at her. Angrily, the deputy tells her he knows that, and she holds his gaze before turning away and telling him a warrior is loyal to his Clan above all else. Tawnypelt's son retorts that she doesn't need to tell him about the warrior code, and he thinks his mother will never know what he's sacrificing to stay loyal to the code.
After Tigerheart lets a rabbit go to SkyClan, Tawnypelt brushes his flank and murmurs it's just like old times. He replies Rowanstar is wrong to argue with SkyClan about it. She replies her mate is fighting for their Clan, and suggests the tabby go with him. Soon it'll be Tigerheart's turn, and Rowanstar wants to teach him.
When Tigerheart returns to ShadowClan, now Tigerstar, he is overjoyed at all the familiar faces. Tawnypelt steps forward and flicks her tail towards Cinnamon, Ant, and Blaze, saying he's brought new warriors as well as old. Then she spots Dovewing and her kits and notes ThunderClan cats are being added. Despite his nervousness, Tigerstar addresses his Clan and tells them to accept the new cats, and him. For a moment they are silent, then they cheer his name. The tortoiseshell mews there is much he has missed. Dark days are behind ShadowClan, and darker days lie ahead. The leader is unfazed and says ShadowClan will be ready to take them on.

In the Novellas

Tigerclaw's Fury

As Tigerclaw is exiled, he can hear the meows of Tawnykit and Bramblekit from the nursery and silently vows to come back for them. He thinks he will never let his kits be raised by a Clan of weaklings and they deserve to learn from him, to learn his courage and battle skills. As a forest fire spreads through ThunderClan territory, the Clan flees with Tawnykit racing after Goldenflower, making it out to safety.

Mothwing's Secret

Mothwing reflects how cats from all four Clans left and returned with a message warning the Clans that they must leave the forest or face destruction. They said StarClan would send them a sign where to go, but the sign has not arrived yet. When Sasha reveals the truth about Hawkfrost and Mothwing's heritage, Firestar defends Tigerstar's kits against the outrage, and explains all of Tigerstar's kits are needed for the challenges facing the Clans ahead. Mothwing reflects how Tawnypelt was a formidable ShadowClan warrior, but she and her brother, Brambleclaw, were born in the Clans unlike her and Hawkfrost.

Tawnypelt's Clan

Tawnypelt dreams of old ShadowClan before the sickness, longing for the old ShadowClan and struggles to connect with the new one. The sounds of Shadowkit, Pouncekit, and Lightkit wake her up. She grows frustrated with Dovewing's lack of resolve to help rebuild the camp and refusing to give her kits space to grow up despite their age. Tigerstar reveals he already sent out a hunting patrol when Tawnypelt offers to hunt, and she scowls at her son's refusal to let her do her deputy duties. While repairing the dens, she snaps at Scorchfur and Stonewing when they ignore her orders, and Tigerstar confronts her irritation. Tawnypelt explains no one listens to her, but her conversation is interrupted by Shadowkit's violent vision.
Tawnypelt watches over Shadowkit as he mumbles about a tree falling and cats in danger. His parents question Tawnypelt when she dismisses it, and she snaps at Dovewing when she suggests asking Leafpool for advice when Puddleshine is confused about how to treat Shadowkit. After hearing more about Shadowkit's vision, Tawnypelt believes he is talking about the Tribe of Rushing Water. Tawnypelt argues with Tigerstar about Shadowkit's vision and argues with Scorchfur about Rowanclaw. Tigerstar silences them, and Tawnypelt tries to convince Leafpool about the meaning of Shadowkit's vision. Tawnypelt and Dovewing try to convince Tigerstar once more, but Tigerstar refuses.
That night, Tawnypelt attempts to sneak Shadowkit out of the camp but it stopped by Dovewing's cry. Tawnypelt and Tigerstar argue and she accuses him of resembling Tigerstar, his grandfather. Dovewing joins the conversation and agrees to journey with Tawnypelt and Shadowkit to the mountains. On their journey, Tawnypelt grows to understand Dovewing and appreciates how patient she is with Shadowkit. She reflects about her own kits she lost and the difficulties of motherhood. They reach the mountains and meet Snow Falling on Stones and Breeze That Rustles the Leaves who lead them to the cave. Tawnypelt joyously reunites with Stoneteller and she explains Shadowkit's seizures.
Tawnypelt reunites with Brook and Stormfur and congratulates them on their latest litter, Breeze, and Feather, and Pine and Lark becoming cave-guards. Questioning her place in ShadowClan, Tawnypelt asks Stormfur if he regrets leaving the Clans, but he insists he found his place in the Tribe. She wonders if ShadowClan is still her home after it has changed so much.
That night, Shadowkit screams for everyone to evacuate and Tawnypelt helps urge everyone out. When Shadowkit insists they must climb higher to the riverbank, Tawnypelt walks behind Dovewing and Shadowkit, ready to catch them in case they fell. Shadowkit urges them to push rocks into the river to block the tree, and Tawnypelt helps Dovewing with the task. Breeze falls into the river and Tawnypelt saves her. Their barrier stops the tree briefly before lightning destroys the tree.
The next morning, Tawnypelt briefly considers staying in the Tribe. Rowanclaw visits her in her dreams and promises they'll be reunited many moons in the future. He encourages her to give Tigerstar a chance to lead and to let him and the old ShadowClan go free. Shadowkit wakes Tawnypelt up, and she decides to head back to the Clans. They travel through ThunderClan territory and she reassures Dovewing that Tigerstar would forgive her. When they arrive back at camp, Tawnypelt announces she's stepping down to give her son someone who will focus on ShadowClan's future instead of its past. She curls up to sleep, satisfied she's home.

In the Stand-Alone Manga

A Shadow in RiverClan

During her vigil, Feathertail reflects how she, Stormpaw, Tawnypaw, and Ashpaw fought in the battle against BloodClan.

In the Field Guides

Cats of the Clans

Rock tells the kits how Tawnypelt was not a supporter of Tigerstar, but she could not go on living in ThunderClan where she was judged for her father's actions. She was chosen to go on the Great Journey, and having her as the sole cat from ShadowClan showed to ThunderClan that she had found her true home there. She was very willing to look for new territories, and was the first to see Crowpaw's strengths, and encouraged Feathertail to fall in love with him.
She also knows that just because she is a ShadowClan cat does not mean she has to be evil or ambitious; in fact, she turned down her father's promises of glory and power since she knew that she could only achieve her own peace and happiness by herself. Rock says her peaceful, rational nature may do a lot to salvage ShadowClan's rather wicked, nefarious reputation.

Battles of the Clans

In this field guide, Tawnypelt gives the reader a tour of the battlegrounds where some of the most famous fights had been fought.

The Ultimate Guide

She is mentioned on Blackstar's page. Blackstar willingly let Tawnypelt join the quest to find Midnight and discover the destiny of all four Clans.
Tawnypelt has her own page. Born in ThunderClan, Brambleclaw's littermate and daughter of Tigerstar and Goldenflower, she was a bright and confident apprentice with a quickness of temper that led to clashes among Clanmates, especially when it came to her loyalty. She was horrified to learn about her father and insisted she was loyal. When Tigerstar allied with RiverClan and drove out half-Clan cats, Tawnypaw was judged more and more harshly. Pushed to the breaking point, Tawnypaw left ThunderClan to find a life in ShadowClan. Even after the battle against BloodClan, Tawnypaw remained in ShadowClan and earned the warrior name of Tawnypelt. She went on a quest to sun-drown-place for ShadowClan. Her courage and willingness to look beyond Clan boundaries formed the group’s bonds quicker. She saw past Crowpaw's quick temper and encouraged Feathertail to see past his shy exterior underneath. Tawnypelt was visited in her dreams by Tigerstar but refused to accept secret training because she knew he would never help her achieve what she wants: security, peace, and loyalty to her Clan and she found that in Rowanclaw. Tawnypelt proved that loyalty didn't mean treating other cats as enemies. Tawnypelt lived her entire life free of Tigerstar's influence and reputation in which Tigerstar would have been proud of.
She appears on Flametail's page. Flametail was the son of Tawnypelt and Rowanclaw. When Blackstar followed the advice of Sol, Tawnypelt had no wish for her kits to grow up in a Clan that doesn't listen to their ancestors, so she took them to ThunderClan. Her kits were intrigued by Brambleclaw's kits because Brambleclaw is her brother so they are all kin.
It is mentioned on Hawkfrost's page that Hawkfrost is half-brother to Tawnypelt. Although not mentioned by name, it is mentioned on Stoneteller’s page that when six Clan cats first arrived on their way to the mysterious sun-drown-place, it seemed Stoneteller’s prophecy would be fulfilled. She last appears on Midnight's page. She, Crowpaw, Feathertail, and Brambleclaw, accompanied by Stormfur and Squirrelpaw, left their Clans to search for her. They found her at the sun-drown-place, where she told them that the Clans would be destroyed if they didn't search out a new home by following the dying warrior, a falling star leading to the lake.

In the Short stories and plays

Ultimate Leader Election: Firestar

She is briefly seen voting for Firestar, along with Rowanclaw and Snowbird of ShadowClan.
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