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Interesting facts

Author statements

  • Vicky stated that the reason that she made Rowanclaw Tawnypelt's mate was because she felt bad for constantly getting his gender wrong.[9]
  • Kate views Tawnypelt as a dusky brown tabby.[blog 1]


  • When she was a kit, Tawnypelt was described as pale ginger, like her mother.[10] This description was later changed to tortoiseshell. When asked, Vicky said that she should have been tawny/pale ginger throughout the series.[11]
  • She has been mistakenly described as tabby,[12] tawny,[13] pale bracken,[14] pale,[15] and pale brown.[16]
  • She has been mistakenly mentioned with amber eyes.[17]
  • She was called Tawnypaw in Dawn,[18] and Midnight,[13] even though she was made a warrior in Firestar's Quest.[19]
  • She is mistakenly noted to have her brother's coloring among the splotches in her mottled coat.[20]
  • In Thunder and Shadow, she is mistakenly called "the ShadowClan deputy," despite Crowfrost being the current deputy.[21]
  • On the official website's family tree, she is called Tawnypaw despite already being a warrior.[22]

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