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Teller of the Pointed Stones (OotS)/Main article|Main article
{{Main Quote
Teller of the Pointed Stones (OotS)/History|Detailed history
|quote = "I wasn't expecting this. Stoneteller—the last one—said nothing to prepare me. But I cannot doubt his choice. I will do my best to honor him, and the rest of the Tribe of Endless Hunting. "
Teller of the Pointed Stones (OotS)/Family|Family relations
|speaker = The new Stoneteller vowing to protect the [[Tribe of Rushing Water (Modern)|Tribe of Rushing Water]] to [[Jayfeather]]
|ref = ''[[Sign of the Moon]]'', page 296}}
[[es:Peñasco donde Anidan las Águilas (Peñasco)]][[de:Sager von den spitzen Steinen (S4)]][[ru:Кремень, Над Которым Вьётся Орёл]][[fr:Pic Où Nichent les Aigles (Pic)]][[nl:Piek Waar Adelaars Nestelen]][[fi:Kivistänäkijä (TE)]][[pl:Bard ze Strzelistych Gór (OG)]]
|image=Stoneteller (OTS).healer.png
|affie=[[Tribe of Rushing Water (Modern)|Tribe of Rushing Water]]{{r|np2|1}}
|kit=Crag Where Eagles Nest{{r|np2|227}}
|cave-guard=Crag Where Eagles Nest{{r|np2|1}}
|healer=Teller of the Pointed Stones{{r|om4|295}}
<!--End Names-->
|mother=Unnamed she-cat
|brother=[[Talon of Swooping Eagle]]
|sister=[[Brook Where Small Fish Swim]]
<!--End Kin-->
|precededby1=[[Teller of the Pointed Stones (NP)|Teller of the Pointed Stones]]{{r|om4|295}}
|livebooks=''[[Moonrise]]'', ''[[Dawn (Book)|Dawn]]'', ''[[Outcast]]'', ''[[Sign of the Moon]]'', ''[[The Ultimate Guide]]''
'''Teller of the Pointed Stones''', more commonly known as '''Stoneteller''', is a long{{r|om4|145}} wiry,{{r|np2|1}} dark{{r|po3|a}} stone-{{r|po3|93}}gray tom{{r|po3|a}} with amber eyes.{{r|np2|141}}
===In ''[[:Category:The New Prophecy Arc|The New Prophecy]]'' arc===
:Crag is the leader of the cave-guards of the Tribe of Rushing Water. Crag questions [[Prophecies and omens#The Silver Cat|the prophecy]] given by [[The Tribe of Endless Hunting]] and he mentions there were [[cats]] outside the Tribe who didn't live like they did. He wonders if the promised silver cat would ever come.
:When they first meet the Clan cats, Crag is initially displeased with the way [[Brook Where Small Fish Swim|Brook]], a prey-hunter, acts toward the traveling [[General Clan information|Clan]] cats, but welcomes them and says they did not wish to fight. He takes them to meet [[Teller of the Pointed Stones (NP)|Stoneteller]], their Healer, who is the Tribe's equivalent of both a Clan [[Leader|leader]] and a [[Medicine cat|medicine cat]].
:When Crag, Brook, and the other Tribe cats go on their hunt, the Clan cats join them. Brook explains to [[Stormfur]] that the prey-hunters always take cave-guards with them during hunts, for protection. [[Crowfeather|Crowpaw]] and [[Feathertail]] were taken with one group, and Stormfur, [[Squirrelflight|Squirrelpaw]] and Brambleclaw join Brook and Crag, leaving [[Tawnypelt]] behind, as she is recovering from a bad [[Rat|rat]] bite.
:When Brambleclaw and the rest of the traveling cats try to leave the Tribe, Crag stops Stormfur reasoning that Stormfur will be the one to kill [[Sharptooth]], and once that is done, he may then leave. As Stormfur protests, he is interrupted by Stoneteller. After he leaves, Crag and the other cave-guards stand watch near Stormfur, and it's said that Crag has forbidden contact with the Clan cats. The next morning, he escorts the Clan cats, save Stormfur, to the edge of their territory, and convinces them to leave without him.
:Once Brambleclaw and the others make their way back to the Tribe to rescue Stormfur, they attack Crag and the others, who are on guard duty. After escaping, he allows Crag and the others to escort him back to the Tribe, and they proceed to come up with a plan to defeat Sharptooth, which they eventually succeed, but at the expense of Feathertail's life.
====''[[Dawn (Book)|Dawn]]''====
:When the Clans are visiting the Tribe during their travel to new territory, Crag is one of the cats to welcome them. He organizes a hunt so there is enough food for both Clan cats and Tribe. Crag shows interest in [[Leafpool|Leafpaw]], and asks if she is to be a prey-hunter or cave guard. Stormfur, noticing Leafpaw's confusing expression, explains that the Tribe divides their duties. She then asks why Crag is coming if he isn't a prey hunter. He jokingly replies that some cat needs to keep an eye on the skies.
:Leafpaw initially shows great disdain at his superior attitude, unhappy with his snarky comments about the Clan ways of hunting. However, when Stoneteller decides to have a gathering of both Clan and Tribe cats, Crag shares prey with Leafpaw. When Crowpaw gains his [[Warrior|warrior]] name, Crowfeather, he is shown to be very curious and asks Leafpaw if that means he became a warrior. She replies yes, and thanks the Tribe cave-guard for sharing prey with her.
===In the ''[[:Category:Power of Three Arc|Power of Three]]'' arc===
:Crag, [[Night of No Stars|Night]], [[Talon of Swooping Eagle|Talon]], and [[Sheer Path Beside Waterfall|Sheer]] confront [[Stripes]] and the other invading [[Rogue|rogues]], who are stealing both [[Prey|prey]] and territory. After Stoneteller tries to prevent the fighting, [[Flora]], another one of the rogues, launches herself at Night, and this causes a fight to break out, with Stripes joining the fray, attacking Crag.
:When Brambleclaw tries to form a plan to attack the rogues, Crag stands up and tells him that he is wrong, and tries to say that Brambleclaw is making the Tribe more like a Clan, which they are not. Although [[Lionblaze|Lionpaw]] agrees with Brambleclaw, [[Hollyleaf|Hollypaw]] does not, and she understands what Crag means. When Hollypaw asks Jaypaw who he agrees with, he replies that it's not their problem.
:When Brambleclaw gathers a patrol together, prompted by Stoneteller, Crag is one of the cats to join him, along with Lionpaw, Crowfeather, his son [[Breezepelt|Breezepaw]], Talon, [[Pebble That Rolls Down Mountain|Pebble]], Night, and a few of the Tribe to-bes.
:When the Tribe decides to go talk to the rogue cats to arrange some sort of border treaty, Crag is joined by Brambleclaw, along with multiple other Tribe and Clan cats, save for Squirrelflight, who stayed behind with Jaypaw. Although initially thinking they were going to be successful, Stripes threatens them, saying that some of the cats on that patrol don't belong in the mountains at all.
:After another confrontation with the rogue cats, Stoneteller gives the Tribe cats a choice, to fight or not. They choose to fight, and Crag is one of the cats Brambleclaw asks to help form a plan of attack. After the battle, he praises Lionpaw for his fighting skills, saying he will always be remembered by the Tribe.
===In the ''[[:Category:Omen of the Stars Arc|Omen of the Stars]]'' arc===
====''[[Sign of the Moon]]''====
:When Squirrelflight, Jayfeather, [[Foxleap]], and [[Dovewing]] enter the Tribe's cave, Crag is one of the first cats to welcome them, bounding up to meet the traveling cats. Squirrelflight is happy to see the Tribe cats again, and she proceeds to introduce Dovewing and Foxleap to the Tribe.
:Crag invites Dovewing and Foxleap on a border patrol, and during the patrol, they are attacked by an eagle. Crag and [[Swoop of Chestnut Hawk|Swoop]], another cave-guard, attempt to fend the bird off, which is successful. A bit later on in the patrol, Dovewing accidentally falls off a narrow cleft, and Crag assures her that they will get her out. She is eventually helped by [[Splash When Fish Leaps|Splash]], anchored by Crag and Stormfur, who says she is the smallest of the cats. After getting her out, the patrol continues, and Crag asks [[Gray Sky Before Dawn|Gray]] to renew the scent markers. Swoop explains that they only patrol certain areas, when Dovewing asks Crag how they manage to check the entire border.
:When Foxleap says they need to help the rogue cats, Crag seems hesitant at first, not wanting to get involved. Although he eventually changes his mind, due to Swoop agreeing. When they arrive to help the cats, Crag sends Splash with Swoop, and he goes another direction, while telling Dovewing and Foxleap to stay out of the way. They proceed to attack the bird, who almost carries off Flora, one of the rogues. Foxleap, annoyed that he isn't able to help, ends up disobeying Crag's orders, and goes to attack the bird. Swoop has to save Foxleap, but gets carried off by the bird.
:When the old Stoneteller passes, Jayfeather is appointed to choose the new one. He chooses Crag, and he shows astonishment at being chosen for such a rank. He says that he was not expecting to be chosen, but he is honored and will serve for the rest of his days. After the warm welcome from his fellow Tribemates, both he and Jayfeather are left alone on the clifftop. As they gaze out into the mountains, Stoneteller seems saddened at the fact he won't be able to see the sights until the Tribe to-bes finish their training.
===In the ''[[:Category:Field Guide Arc|Field Guides]]''===
====''[[The Ultimate Guide]]''====
:He is mentioned on Teller of the pointed Stones' page. Stoneteller watched gratefully as Jayfeather chose Crag Where Eagles Nest to be the next Teller of the Pointed Stones.
:Crag Where Eagles Nest has his own page. He was the leader of the cave-guards and was particular skilled at protecting prey-hunters from eagle attacks. He was one of the first Tribe cats to meet the journeying cats from meeting Midnight. When Stormfur was made prisoner, he escorted the other Clan cats out of the Tribe territory and regretted not having a friendship between them. Crag fought bravely against the invading group of rogues but when the Clan cats returned to offer help, Crag was reluctant. He was afraid the Tribe would lose everything they stand for if they gave up their traditions to follow the ways of the clans, but he helped establish a border and patrol frequently. When Stoneteller died and Jayfeather named Crag as his successor, Jayfeather knew Crag was an experienced cat and had great courage, loyalty and selflessness, and that was what the Tribe needed. Crag was astonished to be chosen as leader, but he also he honored and promised to serve his Tribe for the rest of his days.
*He is mistakenly shown with green eyes in ''The Ultimate Guide''.{{r|tug|158}}
==Character Pixels==
:Unnamed she-cat:{{r|np2|231}} {{Status|Unnamed Deceased}}
:[[Brook Where Small Fish Swim]]:{{r|po3|a}} {{Status|Brook}}
:[[Talon of Swooping Eagle]]:{{r|np2|227}} {{Status|Talon}}
:[[Pine That Clings to Rock]]:{{r|om4|a}} {{Status|Pine}}
:[[Lark That Sings at Dawn]]:{{r|om4|a}} {{Status|Lark}}
{{Brook Tree}}
|quote = Crag you already know. He is the leader of our cave-guards, the cats who protect this place.
|speaker = Stoneteller formally introducing Crag to Brambleclaw and his patrol
|source = Moonrise
|page number = 117}}
{{Dialogue a-b
|speaker a= Crag
|quote a= You're an apprentice, right? What are you hoping to be? A prey-hunter or a cave-guard?
|speaker b= Stormfur
|quote b= The Tribe divides its duties. The cave-guards protect the Tribe; the prey-hunters feed them. Brook is a prey-hunter and Crag is a cave-guard.
|speaker c= Leafpaw
|quote c= Then why are you coming hunting?
|speaker d = Crag
|quote d = Who's going to watch the skies while you've got your eyes on the prey?
|speaker e = Sorreltail
|quote e = In the forest, we could scent for danger and hunt at the same time.
|speaker f = Crag
|quote f = Really? Well, how do you scent an eagle flying a mountain's height above your head?
|description= Crag to Leafpaw and Sorreltail
|source=[[Dawn (Book)|Dawn]]
|page number=310-311}}
{{Dialogue a-b
|speaker a = Brambleclaw
|quote a = Yes, Crag. What do you want to say?
|speaker b = Crag
|quote b = We have know each other a long time, Brambleclaw. I was the first Tribe cat you met when you dragged yourselves out of the pool, all those moons ago. I'm a cave-guard, and I fought in the great battle beside Stormfur. No cat can say that I'm afraid to fight. But I'm telling you now that you're wrong.
|speaker c = Brambleclaw
|quote c = Why?
|speaker d = Crag
|quote d = Because you're trying to turn us into a Clan. We're not. We are the Tribe.
|speaker e = Brambleclaw
|quote e = But this is the only way to survive! You've never had to share your hunting grounds with other cats before. You can't live here like prisoners, afraid to venture out in search of food.
|description = Brambleclaw and Crag
|source = [[Outcast]]
|page number = 237 - 238
|quote = But think of what we risk losing. All our traditions, everything that makes us who we are. Instead, we'll spend all our time running around trying to remember which rocks belong to us.
|speaker = Crag to the Tribe cats
|source = Outcast
|page number = 238}}
{{Dialogue a-b
|speaker a = Jayfeather
|quote a = Crag Where Eagles Nest, stand forward.
|speaker b = Crag
|quote b = Me?
|speaker c = Jayfeather
|quote c = From this moment on, you will be known as the Teller of the Pointed Stones. Others will come after you, moon upon moon upon moon. Choose them well, train them well, and trust the future of your Tribe of them.
|speaker d = Crag
|quote d = I am honored to have been chosen. I will serve my Tribe until the end of my days.
|speaker e = Bird
|quote e = Greetings, Stoneteller. May the Tribe of Endless Hunting Watch over you and send you their wisdom.
|description = Jayfeather appointing the new Stoneteller
|source = [[Sign of the Moon]]
|page number = 295
{{Leader Ceremony
|title = Stoneteller's Healer Ceremony
|speaker1 = Jayfeather
|line1 = From this moment on, you will be known as the Teller of the Pointed Stones. Others will come after you, moon upon moon upon moon. Choose them well, train them well, and trust the future of your Tribe to them.
|speaker2 = Crag
|line2 = I am honored to have been chosen. I will serve my Tribe until the end of my days.
|speaker3 = Bird
|line3 = Greetings, Stoneteller. May the Tribe of Endless Hunting watch over you and send you their wisdom.
|ref = ''[[Sign of the Moon]]'', pages 295
==References and citations==
[[es:Peñasco donde Anidan las Águilas (Peñasco)]]
[[de:Sager von den spitzen Steinen (S4)]][[ru:Кремень, Над Которым Вьётся Орёл]][[fr:Pic Où Nichent Les Aigles]][[nl:Piek Waar Adelaars Nestelen]][[fi:Kivistänäkijä (TE)]][[pl:Narrator Strzępionych Kamieni (OTS)]]
[[Category:Tribe cats]]
[[Category:Tribe cats]]
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[[Category:Minor characters]]
[[Category:Minor characters]]
[[Category:The Ultimate Guide characters]]
[[Category:The Ultimate Guide characters]]
[[Category:Tawnypelt's Clan characters]]

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