A Teller of the Pointed Stones, Stoneteller, or Healer is both the leader and medicine cat of the Tribe of Rushing Water.[1] They occupy the highest position in the Tribe's hierarchy. [2]


Stonetellers are the head of the Tribe. Like Clan leaders, they have nine lives.[3] Usually, the only times they come out of the cave is for ceremonies above the waterfall, such as a to-be's acceptance as a cave-guard or prey-hunter.[4] Every Healer changes their name to Teller of the Pointed Stones, shortened to Stoneteller, once they become the Tribe's official Healer.[5] The new Healer is appointed by the previous Healer.[6] Most Stonetellers are chosen at kithood, being trained for the task until becoming Healer.[7] The Healer to-be can choose to become something else, but most do not.[8]


In order to become Stoneteller, a cat must only be chosen by the previous Stoneteller.[6]


The Stoneteller has various tasks and privileges:

  • cure wounds and sickness.[9]
  • receive signs from their tribe ancestors in the Cave of Pointed Stones.[10]
  • interpret the signs of rock, leaf, and water to read messages from the Tribe of Endless Hunting.[11]
  • pick a Healer to-be that will take their place once they pass.[7]
  • lead the Tribe[1]


Becoming a Stoneteller in the Tribe is much simpler than becoming leader in the Clans. The current Stoneteller will choose a kit at birth to be the next healer and will train the kit.[12] When the previous Stoneteller dies, their Stoneteller to-be takes on the name of Stoneteller and assumes their new position,[13] and they do not have to go anywhere to share with their ancestors.[14]


The ceremony that appoints a new Stoneteller as leader is performed by another cat.[15] After they are appointed, the new Stoneteller usually makes a promise to their Tribe, and the rest of the Tribe greets them and congratulates them.[16] The cat appoints the Stoneteller by using the following words:

Cat: "From this moment on, you will be known as the Teller of the Pointed Stones. Others will come after you, moon upon moon upon moon. Choose them well, train them well, and trust the future of your Tribe to them."[15][16]

The ceremony originated from the time of the first Stoneteller, where Jay's Wing recites the ceremony from a voice in his head, appointing the first Stoneteller of the Tribe.[15]

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