Template code

{{Alleg|name of book|name of character (optional; see Usage)}}


Alleg does not formally appear in [[{{{1}}}]], but is listed in the [[{{{1}}}/Allegiances|allegiances]].


Quicker way to put NAMEOFPAGE does not formally appear, but is listed in the [[NAMEOFBOOK/Allegiances|allegiances]] on a page.


Type {{Alleg|name of book}}. Like if Whitetail doesn't appear in Outcast, but is mentioned in the allegiances, type {{Alleg|Outcast}}, and then DO NOT leave a line between it and the next line.

This template can create a problem if the page is something like Ashfur (TC) because then it'll say Ashfur (TC) does not....etc. And for pages in which the character is an apprentice at the time when they appear only in the allegiances, the template will put the warrior name. For these "special" cases, enter {{Alleg|BOOKNAME|CHARACTERNAME the way you want it}}

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