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  • To create a simple, uniform format for Character pixels sections
  • To make said sections look a bit nicer
  • To make it easy for senior warriors to add approved images to the sections

How to use

For each rank that the cat has a charart approved for, list the rank names separated by pipes. Before you add an approved image in this manner, make sure it uses the proper naming conventions or the template will not work! This is the link for the line art:

List the ranks in the order you want them appear. Here's an example that displays the kittypet image, then the apprentice and deputy images, in that order:


You can use the following arguments: kit, apprentice, warrior, mca, mc, queen, deputy, leader, elder, kittypet, loner, rogue, tobe, preyhunter, caveguard, healer, softpaw, sharpclaw, kitmother, ancient, df.

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