{{{speaker a}}}: "{{{quote a}}}"
{{{speaker b}}}: "{{{quote b}}}"
source, page {{{page number}}}


{{Dialogue a-b
|speaker a= 
|quote a= 
|speaker b= 
|quote b= 
|speaker c = 
|page number= 


Another style of quotes to show the personality of a character

Example Code

{{Dialogue a-b |speaker a=Firepaw |quote a=Where did [[Longtail]] creep off to? |speaker b=Graypaw |quote b=I think he was heading for [[Spottedleaf]]'s den. |description=Spottedleaf introduced |source=Into the Wild |page number=54 }}


Firepaw: "Where did Longtail creep off to?"
Graypaw: "I think he was heading for Spottedleaf's den."

—Spottedleaf introduced Into the Wild, page 54

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