Template Code

Project Characters
is a part of Project Characters
It has been graded


  • Places a notice that the page in question belongs to the characters project.
  • Offers a grade within that project on the page.


Copy the Template Code into the Talk page of the article being included in the project.

Make sure to select an alignment so that it works with any other templates on the page, or use center should the page have only the one template.

If you feel able to accurately grade the article, apply either {{Grade0}} or {{Grade1}} or {{Grade2}} to the project. {{Grade3}} and {{Grade4}} may only be applied by vote within the project (G3) or Feature Article Status being granted by the Wiki at large (G4).

If you do not feel able to accurately grade the article, apply the template (leaving the grade blank) and contact the project leader via their talk page.

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