Template that shows personal info on a user, such as gender, eye color and hair color.


Transclude the template to your userpage with the desired argument. The following arguments are available (pay attention to the capitalization):

Code Result
{{User Info|male}}
Male black symbol This user is male
{{User Info|female}}
Female black symbol This user is female
{{User Info|eyes-amber}}
User-eamber This user has
amber eyes
{{User Info|eyes-hazel}}
User-ehazel This user has
hazel eyes
{{User Info|eyes-brown}}
User-ebrown This user has
brown eyes
{{User Info|eyes-green}}
User-egreen This user has
green eyes
{{User Info|eyes-blue}}
User-eblue This user has
blue eyes
{{User Info|eyes-gray}}
User-egray This user has
gray eyes
{{User Info|hair-blond}}
User-hblonde This user has
blond hair
{{User Info|hair-red}}
User-hred This user has
red hair
{{User Info|hair-brown}}
User-hbrown This user has
brown hair
{{User Info|hair-black}}
User-hblack This user has
black hair

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