Template that shows personality traits of users.


Transclude the template to your userpage with the desired argument. The following arguments are available (pay attention to the capitalization):

Code Result
{{User Trait|grumpy}}
Mousefur.elder This user is grumpy
like Mousefur
{{User Trait|wise}}
Bluestar.leader This user is wise
like Bluestar
{{User Trait|calm}}
Leafpool.warrior This user is calm
like Leafpool
{{User Trait|snappy}} This user is snappy
like Yellowfang
{{User Trait|bloodthirsty}}
Scourge.rogue This user is bloodthirsty
like Scourge
{{User Trait|loyal}}
Dustpelt.warrior This user is loyal
like Dustpelt
{{User Trait|aggressive}}
Thistleclaw.warrior This user is aggressive
like Thistleclaw
{{User Trait|paranoid}}
Daisy.queen This user is paranoid
like Daisy
{{User Trait|stubborn}}
Squirrelflight.apprentice This user is stubborn
like Squirrelpaw
{{User Trait|loving}}
Moonflower.warrior This user is loving
like Moonflower
{{User Trait|easily-offended}}
Logo-windclan This user is easily-offended
like WindClan
{{User Trait|brave}}
Logo-thunderclan This user is brave
like ThunderClan
{{User Trait|fearless}}
Swiftpaw (TPB).apprentice This user is fearless
like Swiftpaw
{{User Trait|beautiful}}
Brightheart.warrior This user is beautiful
like Brightheart
{{User Trait|feisty}}
Squirrelflight.warrior This user is feisty
like Squirrelflight
{{User Trait|devoted}}
Cloudtail.warrior This user is devoted
like Cloudtail
{{User Trait|talkative}}
Cinderpelt.apprentice This user is talkative
like Cinderpaw
{{User Trait|open-minded}}
Petalfur.warrior This user is open-minded
like Petalfur
{{User Trait|indulgent}}
Graystripe.warrior This user is indulgent
like Graystripe
{{User Trait|trusting}}
Tallstar.leader This user is trusting
like Tallstar
{{User Trait|patient}}
Sorreltail.warrior This user is patient
like Sorreltail
{{User Trait|over-protective}}
Berrynose.warrior This user is over-protective
like Berrynose
{{User Trait|intimidating}}
Stormtail.warrior This user is intimidating
like Stormtail
{{User Trait|cheerful}}
Lionheart.apprentice This user is cheerful
like Lionpaw
{{User Trait|sweet}}
Ferncloud.queen This user is sweet
like Ferncloud
{{User Trait|fickle}}
Onestar.leader This user is fickle
like Onestar
{{User Trait|fair}}
Firestar.leader This user is fair
like Firestar
{{User Trait|obsessive}}
Hollyleaf.warrior This user is obsessive
like Hollyleaf
{{User Trait|determined}}
Tawnypelt.warrior This user is determined
like Tawnypelt
{{User Trait|sensible}}
Brackenfur.warrior This user is sensible
like Brackenfur
{{User Trait|ambitious}}
Tigerstar (TPB).leader This user is ambitious
like Tigerstar
{{User Trait|a fighter}}
Adderfang.warrior This user is a fighter
like Adderfang
{{User Trait|generous}}
Firestar.leader This user is generous
like Firestar
{{User Trait|sneaky}}
Hawkfrost.warrior This user is sneaky
like Hawkfrost
{{User Trait|wily}}
Logo-shadowclan This user is wily
like ShadowClan
{{User Trait|smart}}
Logo-riverclan This user is smart
like RiverClan
{{User Trait|indirect}}
Logo-starclan This user is indirect
like StarClan
{{User Trait|forgotten}}
Logo-skyclan This user is forgotten
like SkyClan
{{User Trait|sarcastic}} This user is sarcastic
like Jayfeather
{{User Trait|caring}}
Bramblestar.deputy This user is caring
like Brambleclaw
{{User Trait|lonely}}
Oakheart.deputy This user is lonely
like Oakheart
{{User Trait|wishful}}
Snowfur.warrior This user is wishful
like Snowfur
{{User Trait|goodleader}}
Mistystar.leader This user is a good leader
like Mistystar
{{User Trait|misunderstood}}
Ashfur (TC).warrior This user is misunderstood
like Ashfur
{{User Trait|warm-hearted}}
Gray This user is warmhearted
like Gray Wing
{{User Trait|mellow}} This user is mellow
like Riverstar
{{User Trait|odd}} This user is odd
like Goosefeather
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