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Chapter Number: 13 (of 24)
Page Numbers: 163-179

Chapter description

The patrol of Alderpaw, Sandstorm, Sparkpaw, Molewhisker, Cherryfall, and now Needlepaw continue their journey, having left their former campsite. Molewhisker and Sparkpaw grumble about having to leave the last spot so early with so little rest. Needlepaw bounces up to Alderpaw, and informs him that she heard everything that he and Sandstorm were talking about. Alderpaw panics, because he thinks that she might know about SkyClan. Alderpaw questions her, and she only seems to know that they are looking for cats who might need their help.
The patrol encounters a large Twoleg fence bordering a farm. They discuss how to cross to the other side, and Needlepaw decides to climb the fence. Sparkpaw follows her, then Alderpaw and Sandstorm. She stumbles and falls off the fence onto the other side, but is unhurt. Molewhisker and Cherryfall follow next. They encounter a field of animals, most likely sheep. Sparkpaw tries to catch a nearby chicken, but is unsuccessful. They meet a goat, as well.
The patrol continues through a crop field, and they find a Twoleg driving a monster with spinning blades, cutting up the crops. They flee, and run into another fence like the first one. They climb it to escape the monster. Alderpaw checks on Sandstorm, who is clearly exhausted and in pain. He suspects her shoulder wound is getting infected, and orders her to rest before jumping the fence. Sandstorm jumps, but stumbles and falls over the fence, tearing her wound on one of the spikes on top of the fence. Alderpaw follows after, and orders everybody to rest so that he can tend to Sandstorm's wound.
When Sandstorm wakes up, she is feverish and her wound is looking extremely infected, to Alderpaw's alarm. Sandstorm insists she's fine, but now the other cats can see the severity of the situation, not just Alderpaw. He requests them to find marigold, horsetail, or honey to help the infection. Sparkpaw returns later with marigold, and Alderpaw reapplies the poultice. Sandstorm falls back into a feverish sleep.





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