"Then the only fair thing [...] is for ThunderClan to keep one kit, and give the other to ShadowClan."
Mistystar at the Gathering in The Apprentice's Quest, chapter 24
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Chapter Number: 23 (of 24)
Page Numbers: 278-296

Chapter description

Alderpaw visits Twigkit and Violetkit in the nursery. They are now in Lilyheart's care. Alderpaw believes that they are content to stay in ThunderClan, with a foster mother and siblings who love them, however their permanent home will be decided at the Gathering. Alderpaw exits the nursery and is intercepted by Jayfeather.
Jayfeather explains that Bramblestar wants to see him. Alderpaw recalls how Bramblestar talked to him about SkyClan and rogues when he first returned from his quest. This time, Bramblestar wants to talk about Violetkit and Twigkit. Alderpaw goes over how he and Needlepaw found them in a tunnel. Bramblestar believes that ShadowClan will say they have a claim to the kits since Needlepaw helped find them.
That night, ThunderClan makes its way to the Gathering. Twigkit and Violetkit are brought along, riding on top of Alderpaw and Sparkpaw's backs. All four Clans arrive, and the Gathering begins. Rowanstar interrupts Mistystar as she begins to report for RiverClan, demanding to know where the kits that Alderpaw and Needlepaw found are.
Bramblestar explains to the Gathering how Alderpaw and Needlepaw found the two kits in a tunnel, and that ThunderClan isn't sure that they are part of the prophecy. Bramblestar also goes into more detail about the quest, for RiverClan and WindClan's sake since they had never heard of it before.
Rowanstar believes that ShadowClan has a claim to the kits as well as ThunderClan since Needlepaw helped find them, and demands one of the kits. Mistystar agrees, though her reasoning is that since the prophecy came to all the Clans, then all Clans should have an equal claim over the kits. Bramblestar has no choice but to let Rowanstar take a kit with all other leaders against him.
The Gathering is declared over. Rowanstar picks Violetkit for ShadowClan, and Alderpaw is furious his father agreed to separate them. The two sisters are highly distressed, and Twigkit tries to attack Rowanstar as he carries away her sister.
Alderpaw resolves to care for Twigkit as she has lost her sister. He promises to give her a good life in ThunderClan, seeing that she seemed to be the only thing that came from his quest.





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