"Back in the old forest—it was about the time that I became a warrior—Firestar was visited by the spirit of the SkyClan leader who had led his Clan out of the forest. He charged Firestar with a quest to find the remnants of SkyClan and restore it."
Bramblestar to Alderpaw in The Apprentice's Quest, page 96
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Chapter Number: 8 (of 24)
Page Numbers: 101-109

Chapter description

Alderpaw is alone in the medicine den, sorting herbs into piles. He's curious about what his mentors are telling Bramblestar, due to his vision. Cherryfall comes rushing into the den, announcing that Sparkpaw has been hurt and he needs to come quickly. The medicine cat apprentice follows her out of camp, heading towards the ShadowClan border. As they draw closer, Alderpaw can recognize his sister's agonized yowling. He and Cherryfall stop just outside of the greenleaf Twolegplace, where Ivypool and Hollytuft are waiting with Sparkpaw. The warriors take a step back when Alderpaw approaches, and he asks what happened. Cherryfall answers that the apprentice fell out of a tree, and the tom prays the damage isn't that bad.
Alderpaw examines his sister's leg, noticing that it's dislocated. He remembers how to fix it, thinking about when he'd watched Leafpool help Berrynose recently. Alderpaw reassures his sister that she'll feel better soon, but both Ivypool and Hollytuft seem skeptical of his capabilities. The medicine cat apprentice directs each warrior to hold Sparkpaw down, and forcefully pushes on Sparkpaw's leg, snapping it back into place. The she-cat jerks in pain, letting out a shriek. Hollytuft and Ivypool look in horror, but Alderpaw asks his sister to try standing up. She tries, and is able to stand, though slightly shaky. Sparkpaw thanks him, and the surrounding cats are impressed, saying he'll be a good medicine cat.
Alderpaw feels happy with the praise, and decides to walk back to camp and finish sorting herbs. However, as Alderpaw nears camp, he realizes that he'd left without permission. He wonders if he can sneak back in, but sees Bramblestar waiting at the camp entrance. Alderpaw feels dread, and immediately apologizes, but his father is confused, wanting to talk to him about the vision. The leader explains that the vision means he may need to go on a very important quest, and that both Jayfeather and Leafpool agree. Alderpaw protests that he can't, but Bramblestar counters that StarClan wouldn't have chosen him if he wasn't ready. The leader continues that there was once a fifth Clan, SkyClan, but they were forgotten after being driven out of the forest.
Bramblestar meows that SkyClan was restored by Firestar and Sandstorm, and now live by the warrior code. He says this quest is to find them, but not to tell any cat what it's really about. Alderpaw is shocked, but reluctantly agrees that it is best to keep it to themselves for the meanwhile. Bramblestar leaves, and the medicine cat apprentice starts to think. Alderpaw wonders if SkyClan really does need their help, and whether he can complete the quest.





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