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Chapter Number: 9 (of 24)
Page Numbers: 110-133

Chapter description

In Bramblestar's den, Sandstorm insists to Bramblestar that she should go with Alderpaw on his quest, because she is the only living cat with an idea of where SkyClan lives. Bramblestar does not want her to go, as she is an elder and has earned her rest. Alderpaw is sitting in the den with them and listens uncomfortably.
Squirrelflight enters the den, interrupting their conversation, announcing all hunting patrols have left. She inquires which cats have been chosen to travel with Alderpaw, and Sandstorm stubbornly volunteers herself. Squirrelflight is distressed at having both her kit and mother go on a dangerous quest, but Sandstorm is set on going and Bramblestar finally agrees.
Bramblestar calls for a Clan meeting. He informs ThunderClan about Alderpaw's vision and planned quest, and announces that more cats need to go with Alderpaw and Sandstorm. Many warriors start clamoring to go, but Bramblestar chooses Sparkpaw, Molewhisker, and Cherryfall to go on the quest, too.
The following morning, the five questing cats are fed traveling herbs, and Sandstorm and Bramblestar discuss the secret of SkyClan and the real purpose of the quest. Bramblestar announces that the five are leaving, and ThunderClan say their goodbyes as they head out.
They travel through ThunderClan territory, speculating on what Alderpaw's vision could mean. Alderpaw says that he can't say anything about it, knowing that he has to keep SkyClan a secret from them. They arrive at the stream that makes the border with WindClan, and travel along the lakeside. They arrive at the horseplace, uninterrupted by any WindClan patrols.
They climb up a ridge, and can see very far ahead into unknown territory. Sandstorm informs the patrol that a Thunderpath is up ahead. They make their way down the ridge, spotting some Twolegs and monsters along the way. They spot a pile of Twoleg food, and Sandstorm reluctantly lets Molewhisker and Cherryfall see if they can scavenge something from it. Cherryfall and Molewhisker return with some Twoleg food, and all five cats eat.
As Alderpaw bites into his fresh-kill, he gets a feeling that they're being watched by something.




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