Allegiances, as presented in the opening pages of The Blazing Star. Characters that were excluded from an Allegiances list, but appeared in the book, will be listed following the formal allegiances list.

Clear Sky's camp

Leader: Clear Sky—light gray tom with blue eyes
Falling Feather—young white she-cat

Leaf—gray-and-white tom

Petal—small yellow tabby she-cat with green eyes

Quick Water—gray-and-white she-cat

Nettle—gray tom

Snake—gray tom

Thorn—mangy tom with splotchy fur
Kits: Birch—brown-and-white tom

Alder—gray-and-white she-kit

Morning Whisker—tiny she-kit

Moth Flight—she-kit with green eyes

Dust Muzzle—gray tom-kit

Tall Shadow's camp

Leader: Tall Shadow—black, thick-furred she-cat with green eyes
Gray Wing—sleek, dark gray tom with golden eyes

Jagged Peak—small gray tabby tom with blue eyes

Dappled Pelt—delicate tortoiseshell she-cat with golden eyes

Shattered Ice—gray-and-white tom with green eyes

Cloud Spots—long-furred black tom with white ears, white chest, and two white paws

Wind Runner—wiry brown she-cat with yellow eyes

Gorse Fur—thin, gray tabby tom

Thunder—orange tom with amber eyes and big white paws
Kits: Lightning Tail—black tom

Acorn Fur—chestnut brown she-cat

Owl Eyes—gray tom

Pebble Heart—brown tabby tom with amber eyes

Sparrow Fur—tortoiseshell she-kit

River Ripple's camp

Leader: River Ripple—silver long-furred tom
Night—black she-cat

Dew—she-cat with a short, thick gray coat and bright blue eyes

Rogue cats

Holly—she-cat with prickly, bushy fur

Mouse Ears—tom with ears the size of a mouse's, missing part of one ear

Mud Paws—tom with four black paws

Star Flower—golden she-cat with green eyes

One Eye—mangy tom with knotted fur and one eye

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