"Why do I feel as though they always knew they'd be coming back with me?"
Clear Sky doubting Tom and One Eye in The Blazing Star, page 45
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Chapter Number: 5 (of 28)
Page Numbers: 39-45

Chapter description

Clear Sky paces through the woods, needing some peace and quiet from the stressful life he has, and wonders what the Blazing Star might be. He doubts it, knowing no cat can use the sun to fight, and hears the roar of rhe Thunderpath nearby, so he turns and heads back towards his camp. As Clear Sky walks, he picks up the scent of a cat, and leaps into a tree, before a ginger cat appears. Clear Sky paces forward, making himself visible, and he calls out to the ginger tom, asking what he's doing.
The cat, Tom, explains he wants to join one of the groups he's heard about. Clear Sky listens as he says he likes the idea, and hints he wants to join the forest cats' group. The light gray tom isn't convinced by his manner or speech, and mentions the kittypet's collar marks, left by his Twolegs. Tom admits he left Twolegplace to go to the wild, and Clear Sky studies him, noticing how ragged his pelt looks in some places.
Tom asks if he can live with his group, causing the gray tom to feel suspicious, challenging what he heard, and upon the mention of him making tough choices, Clear Sky reminds him the groups live in peace. Then, he questions what a kittypet can provide his group. The copper-colored kittypet tells Clear Sky he can learn things quickly, and fight with cunning.
Clear Sky accepts Tom into his group, and Tom thanks him, assuring him that he and another cat will do good. The gray tom catches this, echoing we, and another cat emerges from some branches, his fur knotted, claws broken, and one eye missing. Tom introduces the rogue as One Eye, describing him as brave, but the rogue paces, hissing and spitting as though facing enemies.
As Tom goes over the ginger tom's story, he pounces onto him, clawing his back, hissing that he can explain himself. One Eye declares that he's as old as the trees, surprising Clear Sky, who thinks he must not be able to walk if he really is that old. He sharply asks what the ginger rogue can offer his group, and One Eye takes a mighty leap, catching a pigeon right from a tree, showing off his skills to the leader. This impresses Clear Sky, causing him to accept both rogues into his group, but doubts them, thinking they might have known they'd be returning to camp with him.



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