"I thought all the old grudges had been put behind us after the battle. Isn't that what every cat agreed? Gray Wing, I would have thought you of all cats would be fair and open-minded about these things. After all, you've relied on Thunder to lead your group now that you're no longer up to the task. Thunder would have been within his rights to drive you out and leave you to fend for yourself- a broken cat. You should count yourself lucky!"
Clear Sky insulting Gray Wing in The Blazing Star, page 49
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Chapter Number: 6 (of 24)
Page Numbers: 46-51

Chapter description

Clear Sky pads along his border, Tom, Acorn Fur, and One Eye accompanying him. He thinks about inviting a former kittypet and mangy rogue to his group, but knows they're doing well, such as One Eye being a good hunter. He hopes his cats get used to the two newest members, knowing it's better a cat like One Eye is better on his side than not. Crackling rings out behind them, and Clear Sky sees Acorn Fur, rolling around in leaves, batting at them playfully, and he rolls his eyes.
Tom snaps at her to come, and she clambers from the hollow, looking hurt, and apologizes. When Clear Sky gently says they eat when food is avaliable, the copper-colored tom irritably spits about his leader's lessons, but stops arguing when Clear Sky growls in reply. Acorn Fur apologizes, telling the gray tom she doesn't mean to start fights, and the last moon has been so nice.
Clear Sky agrees with the little kit, remembering how worried he'd been, always checking that his group was fed and safe, driving him to attack the moor cats. When the cats set out, One Eye seems to hear a noise, and hisses at whatever made it to leave their territory. Tom rushes over to the noise, his ragged fur bristling angrily, and Acorn Fur follows him.
The light gray tom finds the former kittypet facing a large tabby tom with small ears, and although Tom flexes his claws, Clear Sky is aware he doesn't know how to fight yet. Gray Wing and Thunder appear, pushing through the undergrowth, soothing the big tabby tom. Upon asking about Clear Sky's new recruits, Gray Wing growls that Tom is the kittypet who stole Turtle Tail's kits.
Clear Sky stammers that he didn't know, but then feels anger rush througn him, and he remarks that he thought Gray Wing would be accepting, especially because he gave up his leadership to Thunder, and should consider himself lucky he wasn't chased away. Clear Sky apologizes, touching noses with his brother, but then Acorn Fur tells Gray Wing he should come live in the forest with her.
Mouse Ear and Tom face each other, neck fur on end, before Thunder intervenes, stopping them before a fight might break out. The orange tom remarks he's seen Tom before, and the ragged kittypet rudely asks if his kits wake in the night, wailing for their dead mother. Clear Sky silences the copper-colored tom, then starts bickering with Thunder over fighting techniques. Before the patrols part ways, Mouse Ear warns Clear Sky about One Eye, but he refuses to listen to the rogue.





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