These notes are brief, noting major events and minor events in The Blazing Star (book) that will be of consequence later. They are intended to be used as a reference for those looking for specific events for re-reading and the book discussions.

  • Gray Wing finds himself in the cave with the waterfall, back at the mountains.
  • Stoneteller is seen pacing close by.
    • Gray Wing notes that she's gotten very old and frail.
  • He spots Quiet Rain, Dewy Leaf, whose had her kits, and Snow Hare.
  • Gray Wing enters the Healer's cave out of curiosity, believing the Stoneteller doesn't know he's there.
    • Stoneteller extends a paw to stop him, causing him to yowl in alarm.
    • He wonders how she can see him since he's dreaming.
  • She explains that he's here because she allowed him to be.
    • Stoneteller says that part of Gray Wing's heart will always be with the mountains.
    • He realizes that that's true, and he misses the cats he left behind.
  • Stoneteller uses a spider and its web to demonstrate that Gray Wing must be flexible and prepared for the hard things that are to come.
    • Gray Wing is upset that she's being vague and won't explain what she means.
  • He turns to Quiet Rain, and Stoneteller tells him to make his mother proud, and that a great destiny awaits him and his friends.

  • Tall Shadow announces that they must bury the dead cats.
    • Thunder looks around the blood-soaked clearing, spotting a crow.
  • He realizes that nothing could have stopped the battle, everything they had done had led up to it.
    • He wonders how they'll ever be peaceful again.
  • Tall Shadow says that claws are what caused this, and they're what will help them.
    • She explains that they will dig a hole, big enough for all of their fallen friends.
  • Clear Sky looks reluctant, hoarsely saying that he caused all of this.
  • Everybody joins together to dig the hole until Tall Shadow announces that they can stop.
  • Thunder picks up Hawk Swoop by her scruff, grief clawing at him.
    • He spots Clear Sky bent over Rainswept Flower's body, seeming sincerely regretful that he killed her.
  • Lightning Tail and Acorn Fur appear, begging Thunder for him to let them help carry their mother.
  • A few cats speak of fond memories they had whilst looking at their friends' bodies lying in the grave.
    • All of the cats in the clearing promise to learn from this terrible day.
  • Thunder notes that it looks like he, River Ripple, Wind Runner, Clear Sky, and Tall Shadow are guarding the grave.
  • Tall Shadow yowls that they must return to the clearing next full moon to listen to what the spirit-cats have to say.
  • Thunder and Gray Wing realize that the reason Clear Sky has been so protective all this time is because he had nobody to guide him.
  • Tall Shadow tells everybody that they must promise to not fight over territory or prey anymore.
    • She looks to Gray Wing, who tells her that Thunder should take his place as leader instead of him.
    • Thunder, anxious for the dark gray tom, accepts his new position; he and the other leaders agree with Tall Shadow.
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