The Broken Code is the seventh arc of the Warriors series.[2] It follows the Clans by the lake.[3]

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Lost Stars

Life among the five warrior cat Clans has not always been peaceful. But as bitter leaf-bare season decends on the lake territories, warriors on all sides have set aside their differences to focus on survival.
Yet this leaf-bare brings with it not only scarce prey, sickness, and deadly cold, but also a threat to the very fabric of warror code--the Clans' connection with their ancestors in StarClan. In ShadowClan, a young medicine cat apprentice is plagued by a terrifying vision that will shape the fate of all five Clans... and reveal and threat they must face alone.[4]

The Silent Thaw

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Veil of Shadows

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Book Event
Lost Stars A harsh leaf-bare descends upon the Clans, and the connection with StarClan is cut off. Shadowpaw seems to be the only one who can still communicate with them, and Bramblestar dies. However, after over a day of being dead, he is revived, but begins acting strangely.
The Silent Thaw
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Veil of Shadows
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