"You are the cat we have chosen, Firestar. You are the fire who will save the Clan. No warrior of StarClan brought you here. You came of your own accord because you have a warrior's spirit and the heart of a true Clan cat. Your faith in StarClan will give you the strength you need."
Bluestar to Firestar in The Darkest Hour, chapter 25
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Chapter Number: 25 (of 30)
Page Numbers: 258-264

Chapter description

After Cloudtail and his uncle say goodbye to Princess, the white warrior goes hunting. Firestar then heads back to camp, but Whitestorm meets him outside the ravine, requesting to talk with the leader. The deputy expresses his concerns about the looming battle against Scourge, suggesting that maybe it's time to leave the forest behind. He says could potentially be heavy losses, but Firestar insists that it's not the will of StarClan for them to leave their home. Whitestorm accepts his leader's words, and the ginger tom thanks him for sharing his opinion. The white deputy states that he's glad he's not leader now, and can only hope to fight his hardest in every battle. Firestar realizes that many cats would have joined the elders by Whitestorm's age, and comments that he is a noble warrior. The white tom stays silent, and then picks up his vole and walks into camp.
Firestar sits on a rock, knowing that he won't be able to sleep alone in his den. Faint red streaks of light are still present in the sky as he walks towards Sunningrocks. The leader arrives as the sun completely disappears, and he manages to catch a mouse fairly quickly. A breeze buffets his fur, and he looks up at Silverpelt, wondering if the ancestors even care about what's happening in the forest. He gains insight into Bluestar's loss of faith in StarClan and her feeling of isolation. Firestar yowls at the sky to tell him what to do, but no answer comes. Painfully aware of how small he is compared to the Silverpelt above, he finds a hollow and falls asleep.
Firestar dreams he is at Fourtrees and sees the warriors of StarClan surrounding him. He confronts them, accusing that they want ThunderClan destroyed, and he questions their actions. Bluestar steps forward, clarifying that StarClan does not rule the forest, though they do care about each and every cat. The blue-gray she-cat continues that they send omens to medicine cats, but every bad thing that happens isn't their fault. Bluestar emphasizes that StarClan watches, but does not interfere. Firestar tries to speak, but his former mentor interrupts him again, stating that he is the cat StarClan has chosen and will have the strength he needs for the challenges ahead. Firestar begins to feel at peace, and Bluestar rests her muzzle on Firestar's forehead. The dream begins to fade, and soon Firestar wakes up with a refreshed state of mind.





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