"I’m sorry, okay? But you’ll understand when you grow up and have kits of your own to protect. A good leader will do whatever it takes to keep his cats safe."
Clear Sky to Alder after he hits her in The First Battle, page 74
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Chapter Number: 5 (of 23)
Page Numbers: 68-85

Chapter description

Clear Sky calls for Alder to hurry as he runs down a slope with Birch running close. Alder squeaks that when she trips and calls for Birch. Clear Sky, impatient with their imperfections, calls them to hurry. Birch asks Clear Sky if they can cut their pace, but Clear Sky reminds him that slow cats get caught.
Clear Sky reaches the end of their path and impatiently waits for the kits to catch up with him. As Birch and Alder arrive, they heave for more air. Clear Sky dismisses their efforts, despite the kits pleading they tried their hardest. Clear Sky tells them they must train harder if they ever want to be as strong as him, and Birch exclaims that they could be even stronger. Clear Sky rolls his eyes in disbelief.
The light-gray tom tells Birch to wait in his spot by himself and tells Alder their playing hide-and-seek. Birch wines, asking why their playing games if they're supposed to be training. Clear Sky glares at the kit and reminds him that in battle, all cats will hide and he will have to try and find them.
 Alder and Clear Sky leave Birch to find a hiding spot. As they walk away, Clear Sky tells the young she-cat to attack her brother while they hide. Alder looks at him in shock and confusion and refuses. Clear Sky holds a sort of admiration for the kit, but he warns her the old tactics of stalking and hunting and no use in battle. He claims their enemies will be ready to attack at any minute, and they need to develop new tactics. Alder asks him if they have enemies, and Clear Sky replies that all cats who take prey from their land are enemies.
Clear Sky orders Alder to roll in the mud to hide her scent. Alder reluctantly listens to the large tom, but continuously complains about the feeling and the smell of the mud on her pelt. Clear Sky hisses at her to hide before her brother comes to find them. Alder tells Clear Sky that she doesn't feel like attacking him is a good idea, but Clear Sky irritably tells her she's surprising him. He restates that if Birch were a real enemy, smelling like the earth and hiding are the best ways to survive. The tiny she-cat sits up and refuses to comply with his leader's training, asking why all cats can't be friends.
Clear Sky strikes the kit’s head in anger. Alder scrambles to her paws and backs away. Upon seeing how scared she is, Clear Sky forces his hackles smooth and touches his muzzle to Alder's head. He tells her that she will understand his worry and urgency to start training when she has grown up and has kits to take care of. He also notes that a good leader will do whatever it takes to keep his cats safe.

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