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Page Numbers: 5-13

Chapter description

Jayfeather wakes from a dream and hears his Clanmates preparing for the morning patrols, but finds it hard to share their excitement. He can't stop thinking about the Tribe and the mountains. But most of all, he can't forget Half Moon, the Ancient cat whom he is love with. Briarlight brings him back to reality, talking to him from inside the herb storage. Her presence reminds Jayfeather of something Lionblaze had said to him, that he should take her as a medicine cat apprentice since she's spending so much time in the medicine den. Jayfeather, however, doesn't think he needs an apprentice and stubbornly never asks her. Briarlight tells him that they're out of marigold and he says he'll get more. She also gives him a clump of black fur and asks him to throw it out. Jayfeather realizes that the fur belongs to his sister, Hollyleaf, and instead of throwing it out he hides it in his nest while Briarlight's not looking.
Jayfeather leaves the den to collect marigold and is stopped by Bumblestripe, who's been worried about Dovewing since she got back from the mountains. He says she's been having bad dreams, and asks if there's any herbs Jayfeather can give her. Jayfeather replies that no herbs can take away memories. Bumblestripe tries to protest, but Brambleclaw calls across the clearing and tells him he's supposed to be on patrol. Bumblestripe leaves, and Brambleclaw heads toward the apprentices' den to wake Dovewing and Ivypool, who have overslept. Brambleclaw chastises them for sleeping in, but Whitewing interrupts and asks him not to be so harsh to her kits. She offers to help them with her duties, and Brambleclaw agrees before leaving.
Firestar, at the head of a patrol, enters the camp. Brambleclaw and several other cats meet him at the entrance. Firestar reports that the Clans appear to be at peace with each other. The other cats agree that that's a good thing, but Jayfeather isn't so sure. He knows that the other three Clans are keeping apart from each other because StarClan has warned each medicine cat to isolate their Clan from the others. He then remembers the prophecy he received from the Tribe of Endless Hunting about a fourth cat. Realizing how many cats the fourth could possibly be, he wonders how they will ever find it.





Important events



  • The end of the stars draws near. Three must become four to challenge the darkness that lasts forever.[7]


  • Berrynose is said to wrap his tail around his kits, when his tail is nothing more than a stump.[6]

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