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Chapter Number: 8 (of 25)
Page Numbers: 97-112

Chapter Summary

Dovewing's POV

Dovewing returns from a hunting patrol with Hazeltail and Thornclaw. On the way into the camp, she bumps into Brambleclaw. Inside the camp, there's a well-fed looking cat sitting in the middle of the clearing. She asks Brambleclaw who it is, and he explains that it's Sol. Dovewing shows recognition. Mousefur had told her stories about him before. Despite most cats being excited to see Sol, Dovewing senses that not everyone is grateful to have him back. Purdy greets Sol with enthusiasm, while Mousefur hisses and threatens him. Ivypool asks Dovewing if she saw anything on the ShadowClan border.

Firestar sends out extra hunting patrols, and the Clan gets to have a nice meal that night. While eating, Dovewing sees Sol telling stories to the apprentices. His stories are so outrageous and entertaining that the apprentices continue to listen to him long after their bedtimes. While watching Sol, Dovewing attempts to use her powers to hear beyond ThunderClan territory. Cinderheart sees her looking sad, and they share a conversation with each other until Bumblestripe invites Dovewing to a walk in the forest. She declines, and Cinderheart tells Dovewing how much Bumblestripe likes her. Dovewing decides to follow Bumblestripe. She wanders around the forest for a while, until she finds Bumblestripe by the lake.

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