"May StarClan light your path, and bring you all home safe."
Ashfoot in The Fourth Apprentice, page 124
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Chapter Number: 11 (of 26)
Page Numbers: 117-124

Chapter description

Dovepaw is seen apprehensively awaiting the start of the journey to find the source of the stream's blockage. She had left camp before dawn, her sister Ivypaw pretending to be asleep so that she did not have to say goodbye. She senses a RiverClan patrol, noting to herself that they look hungry and scared. Dovepaw pushes her senses back farther into RiverClan's camp where she sees Mistyfoot, Reedwhisker, and Mothwing talking among themselves. Mothwing says that Leopardstar has still not recovered from losing her last life and that the herbs are too dry to be used effectively.
Dovepaw is brought back to her immediate surroundings when ShadowClan cats emerge to meet with the others. Dovepaw comments that Russetfur looks old, to which Lionblaze tells her that she had previously made the Great Journey and wouldn't take kindly to being called old. The ShadowClan deputy introduces Tigerheart and Toadfoot, ShadowClan's chosen cats. She warns the others not to steal any prey while in ShadowClan's territory, and that just because Firestar orchestrated the quest, not to think that ThunderClan cats are in charge. Russetfur makes a comment to Dovepaw, unsure as to why an apprentice was chosen. Lionblaze defends her, saying that she is the one that knows what is blocking the stream, which raises questions from the other cats. He awkwardly explains that StarClan gave her a dream about it, and Russetfur rolls her eyes.
RiverClan cats soon emerge. Mistyfoot is accompanied by two warriors, Petalfur and Rippletail. Dovepaw overhears Toadfoot make a comment about the skinniness of the warriors. Soon, the WindClan chosen cats join the group, and Lionblaze tells Dovepaw that they consist of Ashfoot, Whitetail, and Sedgewhisker when she asks. Ashfoot greets the others, to which Brambleclaw replies cordially, but the other deputies remain silent. Lionblaze reminds the cats of their mission, which is to find what is blocking the stream and get rid of it. Rippletail seems surprised, thinking that their mission was to find the issue and report back, to which Russetfur asks if RiverClan is too scared to take on a challenge. Mistyfoot snaps that they are not, but that safety is important. After another snarl from Russetfur, Ashfoot tells the cats to settle down. Brambleclaw catches Toadfoot rolling his eyes and reminds him that he was on the Great Journey and should remember how important it is to work together.
Dovepaw senses the animals blocking the stream once more. She looks around at the cats she is accompanied by and overwhelmed by the fact that she barely even knows their names. She draws closer to Lionblaze for comfort. Before embarking, Ashfoot wishes them all safe travels.





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