"I've watched my Clanmates starving around me, and I can't do that anymore! Thinking of that gives me courage."
Petalfur in The Fourth Apprentice, page 132
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Chapter Number: 12 (of 26)
Page Numbers: 125-132

Chapter description

The patrol to find the blockage in the stream disembarks, and Toadfoot quickly pushes himself to the front, growling that they are moving through ShadowClan territory. Lionblaze feels Dovepaw bristling beside him. Tigerheart moves past Dovepaw, apologizing as he joined his Clanmates at the front. Lionblaze reassures Dovepaw that it won't stay like this, and that it will take time for all of the cats to get to know each other.
The patrol approaches the Twoleg greenleafplace, and Dovepaw is astonished at the size of the Twolegs. Toadfoot hisses for them to get down, but a Twoleg kit had already spotted Dovepaw and was making its way towards her. The patrol flees, but a Twoleg had blocked their path and begins reaching for the cats. Toadfoot leads them in another direction, yelling at the WindClan cats to stay together. Quickly, a Twoleg grabs Petalfur. The patrol circles around the Twoleg, hissing for him to let her go. Petalfur is dropped, and the patrol begins to run again. Dovepaw collides with Twoleg belongings on the ground, and Tigerheart swings behind to help her.
The patrol finds shelter in ferns where they catch their breath. Toadfoot is visibly annoyed at Dovepaw, blaming the fact that she is young for not being able to escape trouble. Whitetail disagrees, saying that the journey is not hopeless, and that staying in their territories and watching the lake shrink is a worse idea. Tigerheart advises that they keep pushing forward, and tells Dovepaw that he will protect her if anything else were to happen. Dovepaw protests that she can protect herself, and Sedgewhisker comments that they can all look after themselves. Petalfur says that her starving Clanmates give her courage to keep moving. Lionblaze tells the patrol that they will keep moving, and since they are now in ThunderClan territory, he will take the lead.




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