"I'm sorry Thornclaw. I know you want what's best for the Clan, and I admit that I don't like turning down the chance of some extra food. But there's nothing in the warrior code that allows us to use a cat from another Clan to bargain with."
Firestar to Thornclaw about keeping Rainstorm prisoner in The Fourth Apprentice page 53-54
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Chapter Number: 4 (of 26)
Page Numbers: 50-61

Chapter description

Lionblaze's PoV

Lionblaze is shown helping Rainstorm at the beginning of the chapter. He states that it looks as though he hasn't had a good meal in a moon, noticing how scrawny he is. Thornclaw goes into Firestar's den to tell him what happened. Warriors from ThunderClan come out of their dens to look at Rainstorm. Blossompaw asks if he is a prisoner. Lionblaze explains that there was an accident while Mousefur exclaims that Rainstorm smells like rotting fish. Brightheart asks Jayfeather if Rainstorm is hurt. Jayfeather says he's just exhausted and Lionblaze explains what happened to the Clan. Firestar later comes out of his den with Thornclaw to greet Rainstorm. After Ferncloud asks if he can have some fresh-kill, Thornclaw growls that they don't have enough to feed themselves and that they should get something in return. Firestar is puzzled and Thornclaw explains how they should make Leopardstar give them some fish.
The Clan argue about this for a moment before deciding that it's against the the warrior code. Brambleclaw calls to Lionblaze to gather up cats for a patrol to take Rainstorm back to RiverClan. He decides to take his apprentice, Dovepaw, along with Sorreltail and Brackenfur. Ivypaw asks Cinderheart if they could come too, but Cinderheart says no.
The patrol heads towards ShadowClan territory to get to RiverClan. Lionblaze suggests that they head towards WindClan instead, but Brambleclaw rejects the idea. Lionblaze shows Dovepaw the lake and tells her that it had shrunk. Dovepaw seems very interested in this. The two hurry to catch up with the rest of the patrol. Dovepaw asks if ShadowClan will attack them. Lionblaze tells her to stick close to him as she has had no battle training. While Lionblaze wonders which of the two sisters is part of the prophecy, they reach RiverClan terriotory. Brambleclaw tells Rainstorm to lead them to his camp. Rainstorm objects but Brambleclaw says that he want Leopardstar to hear ThunderClan's explanation. They meet the RiverClan deputy, Mistyfoot. Brambleclaw explains what happened and Mistyfoot asks if it was true. Rainstorm nods and stammers that he's very grateful for ThunderClan's help. Brambleclaw asks to see Leopardstar. Misyfoot says that Leopardstar is busy. The two deputies stare at each other for a bit until Brambleclaw heads back towards ThunderClan territory. Dovepaw asks if that was the deputy of RiverClan and if she is worried. Lionblaze is surprised by her last question and says every cat is worried about the shortage of prey and the drought. Dovepaw says that it's something more than that and that there's a very sick cat in RiverClan.





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