"There is a prophecy, Dovepaw. There will be three kin of your kin, who will hold the power of the stars in their paws. It was given to Firestar a long time ago by a cat from another Clan, and it refers to three cats who will be more powerful than any others in the Clans - more powerful even than StarClan... Lionblaze and I are two of those cats. And we believe that you are the third."
Jayfeather to Dovepaw in The Fourth Apprentice, page 79
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Chapter Number: 6 (of 26)
Page Numbers: 73-79

Chapter description

Dovepaw is led outside of camp, overcome with worry that Lionblaze was angry with her. He asks her what she can hear, and Dovepaw tells her mentor that she can hear the water in the lake and a patrol returning to camp. She tells Lionblaze that Berrynose had stepped on a thistle earlier near the WindClan border. As she finishes speaking, Dustpelt and his patrol approach. Lionblaze asks Berrynose what had happened to his paw, to which Dustpelt replies that he had stepped on a thistle, like Dovepaw had said.
Lionblaze tells Dovepaw to wait as he collects Jayfeather. Lionblaze tells his brother that he believes Dovepaw is the one, which draws confusion from the apprentice. Lionblaze instructs Dovepaw to tell Jayfeather about the brown animals blocking the stream. When she finishes, Jayfeather asks Lionblaze if it is true, which causes Dovepaw to cry out in frustration. She tells Jayfeather that she knows what the brown animals look like as well, and Lionblaze adds that she also heard Berrynose step on a thistle earlier.
Lionblaze suggests that Dovepaw be tested. He leaves, disappearing into the trees, towards the WindClan border. Dovepaw feels strange being alone with Jayfeather in the clearing. She notes that Jayfeather had never been inclined to talk much, however, and lets her attention wander into the forest. She senses a ShadowClan patrol, RiverClan warriors, and more brown animals moving by the stream. Eventually, she senses Lionblaze dragging wood onto pebbles and laying a tendril of bramble on top. Sandstorm then approaches Lionblaze, and asks what he is doing. Lionblaze tells her that he is conducting an experiment, and Sandstorm promptly leaves. Lionblaze then returns to Dovepaw and Jayfeather.
Lionblaze asks Dovepaw what he had done, and Dovepaw retells the events perfectly. Dovepaw says that she had thought every cat could hear like she could. Jayfeather then tells Dovepaw about the prophecy, and how there are three cats that are more powerful than StarClan themselves. He tells her that him and Lionblaze were two of the cats, and that they suspected that Dovepaw may be the third. Dovepaw is horrified, and pleads with her mentor to tell her that it all is untrue.






  • Foxleap is mistakenly referred to as "Foxtail" [1]

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