The Great Storm took place in Bramblestar's Storm, when the lake flooded, and caused the death of many cats, as well as a need to leave their camps.[source?]



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The sudden flooding

Cloudtail reports to Bramblestar that the water in the lake tastes weird, and he thinks that it might be poisoned. Bramblestar checks it out and says that it is water from the sun-drown-place, and sees that the water has flooded from there. Later that night the water reaches the camp and ThunderClan has to evacuate.
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To the tunnels

When the lake floods and the dens get destroyed, Bramblestar leads ThunderClan into the tunnels and they make their home there temporarily until the water goes down so they can return and repair their home.
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The other Clans

Bramblestar goes to see If the other Clans were okay. RiverClan has moved up to higher ground, ShadowClan is having trouble with a gang of aggressive kittypets, but they're too proud to ask for help, and WindClan is settling fine and has gotten a lot of big white birds flying in from the sun-drown-place.
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Finding the kittypets

Bramblestar, as well as a few other ThunderClan cats go to the Twolegplace, which has flooded. Due to that, all of the Twolegs have left. The ThunderClan cats try to collect carpets because they have no dry moss. On the way they meet kittypets that have been left behind named Frankie, Jessy, and Minty, and they come to ThunderClan. In the end Frankie is the only one to stay in ThunderClan, and his name later becomes Stormpaw.[1]
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Blackstar's death

Blackstar loses his last life due to drowning in the great storm and Rowanstar becomes the new leader of ShadowClan.
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Water levels going

Jayfeather and Bramblestar measure the water level every day, and every day it goes down a little bit. After a while the water level is low enough for them to return back home.
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Ready for home

When ThunderClan goes home, they do a bunch of repairs to the dens as well as the rest of camp. After the repairs are finished, Graystripe and Sandstorm retire to the elders' den.
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Deaths caused by the storm







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  • After the Great Storm, ThunderClan works out a way to deal with floods. Their plan is to evacuate to the tunnels if a storm gets too bad.[6]

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