"Loyalty makes Clan cats strong. But no Clan has pure blood running beneath their pelts."
Brambleberry explaining about invisible boundaries in The Last Hope, page 25
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Chapter Number: 3 (of 27)
Page Numbers: 23-33

Chapter description

Jayfeather has arrived at the Moonpool, however, no one else is there, to his disappointment. He wishes for the Ancients to be there, but there is no sign of them. He touches his nose to the water and tries to dream. He is awoken into a vision by Brambleberry, who has come to speak with him. She compares the Clans to honeysuckle, saying that while they all compete and fight with one another, they all have the same roots. Jayfeather still doesn't understand saying that the Clans had always been divided, although Brambleberry points out that they had created the boundaries themselves, and that they only existed in their minds.
After Brambleberry fades, Jayfeather thinks he is blind once more, but something flashes at the end of his sight, and he realizes that he is still in his vision. Suddenly, Dark Forest pelts swarm around him from either side, and Brokenstar appears, threatening him but also showing him that some of his Clanmates and cats from the other Clans training in the Dark Forest. The vision ends with the Dark Forest cats streaming towards him, with teeth bared.
As Jayfeather recovers from the shock of his vision, he senses Mothwing at the Moonpool. Jayfeather reveals to her that StarClan is frightened and informs her about the upcoming battle against the Dark Forest and StarClan. Mothwing is shocked at the prospect of dead warriors fighting against live cats on real territory, and she tells Jayfeather that some of her Clanmates have been acting odd, two of them being Hollowflight and Icewing. Jayfeather tells her that they need to unite the Clans, and he also informs her that her brother, Hawkfrost, is involved. As Mothwing pledges her help to Jayfeather, Jayfeather can't help but wonder if she is the fourth cat. He also imagines Mothwing as the last cat who would help him fight the Dark Forest - but maybe she was the only cat who could.





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