These notes are brief, noting major events and minor events in The Lost Warrior that will be of consequence later. They are intended to be used as a reference for those looking for specific events for re-reading and the book discussions.

  • Graystripe leaps into an animal control truck to free some of his fellow members of ThunderClan.
  • The captured cats are freed when he opens the cages.
  • The doors close as Graystripe tries to escape.
  • He ends up being the only one to be captured.
  • The other ThunderClan cats try to save him, but the truck drives away.

  • Graystripe has a flashback, remembering when Firestar first came to ThunderClan.
    • The memory becomes a review of the "Fire will save the Clan" prophecy.
    • He dreams of himself and Firestar running through a forest fire.
    • They end up being separated.
    • He reveals he has never felt more alone.
  • Graystripe awakes in a Twoleg nest, runs into a wall, and curls into a panicked ball.
    • He reveals that he's been with the Twolegs for at least a quarter-moon.
    • The once proud warrior spends time playing with Twoleg kits and curling up on adult Twolegs laps.
    • Graystripe admits the Twoleg kits probably love him.
  • Graystripe darts outside, but is overwhelmed by the noises and smells and flees back into the den.

  • A new day and Graystripe makes another foray outside.
    • Graystripe catches a bug.
    • The Twoleg kits bring him a catnip mouse, which he tears apart in anger when he realizes it is a toy, then feels guilty for hurting the kits' feelings.
  • Graystripe wanders off to explore.
    • He is frightened by a dog.
    • He is nearly hit by a lawnmower.
    • He is nearly hit by a car.
    • He returns to the Twoleg nest.
  • Later, he slips out an open window.
    • After realizing he's chasing a moth like a kit he realizes that he's just as bad as an overgrown infant and decides it's time to go home.
    • He gets attacked and defeated by a kittypet named Duke.
    • He meets a kittypet she-cat named Millie who shows him the way back to his Twoleg nest.
  • Graystripe has a dream about Silverstream and Feathertail.

  • Graystripe decides to get to know Twolegplace.
    • Graystripe meets two kittypets, who ask insulting questions about Clan cats. He decides to scare them for it.
  • Later, on another excursion, Graystripe runs into Millie.
    • They go to some woods Millie knows of, where Graystripe tries and fails to catch a mouse.
    • Millie asks Graystripe to give her a hunting lesson. She catches a mouse on her first try.
  • Graystripe continues to teach Millie about hunting, fighting, and Clan life.
  • Millie and Graystripe get attacked by Duke and a couple of his friends.
    • They fight, Graystripe almost kills Duke but stops short.
    • Graystripe and Millie defeat Duke.
    • He tells Millie he's "not a warrior anymore" after the fight.

  • Graystripe dreams of Silverstream again.
    • She tells him that he should try and find ThunderClan.
  • Later he escapes and finds Millie, whom he asks to come with him to try and find his Clan.
    • Millie claims she cannot just abandon her Twoleg.
  • Millie has second thoughts once she's gone back inside to her Twoleg.
  • Graystripe has a lot of trouble as he works to leave Twolegplace.
    • He ends up sick and dehydrated in a sewage pipe.
    • Millie shows up and manages to nurse him back to health.
    • After Millie finds Graystripe, he mistakes Millie for Silverstream when he is delirious.
      • Graystripe tells Millie of Silverstream after Millie asks who Silverstream is.
  • They decide to leave together to seek the Clans.
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