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"A moment later, Rootspring saw one of Bramblestar's paws jerk—such a tiny movement that he wasn't even sure at first that he had actually seen it. Bramblestar's eyes opened, and he took a huge gasp of air as he scrambled to his paws. Rootspring saw panic in the ThunderClan leader's eyes, but it was only a brief flash. Almost at once he looked stronger, sturdier, as he turned his head first one way, then the other. He stretched out his forelegs as if he were waking up from a long, ordinary nap. Squirrelflight struggled free at last from the cats surrounding her, and bounded up to her mate, her eyes glimmering with the same happiness and hope that Rootspring could feel surging within his own heart. Had Bramblestar really returned, after everything they'd gone through to find him? Then the ThunderClan leader drew himself up, standing tall and proud and strong, and he let out a wordless yowl that seemed to reverberate through the whole of the Dark Forest."
Bramblestar returning to his body in The Place of No Stars, pages 269-270

The Place of No Stars is the fifth book in The Broken Code arc.[5] It features Bristlefrost, Shadowsight and Rootspring as the main protagonists with Squirrelflight featured in the prologue.


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The time has come to enter the Dark Forest.
ThunderClan's deputy, Squirrelflight, has vanished with the cat now known to be an impostor, and suspicion and mistrust now reign among the five Clans. They have learned the cause of their ancestors' mysterious silence—and with it, what they must do if they hope to bring light back to the darkness.

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Erin Hunter’s #1 bestselling Warriors series continues! Discover more epic adventures in the fifth book in this seventh action-packed story arc.
The time has come to return to the Dark Forest.
ThunderClan’s deputy, Squirrelflight, has vanished with the cat now known to be an impostor, sowing suspicion and mistrust among the five Clans. They finally know the cause of their ancestors’ silence—but they have also learned the terrifying truth of the danger they face if they hope to bring light back to the darkness. . . .
Each hardcover in The Broken Code series includes a double-sided jacket with a four-color bonus poster!

Detailed plot description

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Ashfur drags Squirrelflight through the Moonpool into the Dark Forest, shedding Bramblestar's corpse, and insists he brought Squirrelflight here so they could be together. Realizing that Bramblestar's body can't live long without his spirit, Squirrelflight resolves to do everything in her power to save him and return home. Back in the Clans, Lionblaze angrily announces that Ashfur escaped before the Clan leaders could execute him, revealing that Shadowsight helped the dark warrior escape and they believe Squirrelflight, who is also missing, might have helped. The Clan argues about Squirrelflight's loyalty, and Lionblaze decides to lead a patrol to question Shadowsight and Tigerstar. In ShadowClan, Shadowsight insists he helped Ashfur escape so he could save Bramblestar's body, but Tigerstar and Dovewing wish to send Shadowsight to the Tribe of Rushing Water for his own safety. However, Lionblaze, Harestar, and Mistystar discover their ploy and prevent them from leaving.
As Shadowsight is kept under guard until SkyClan can arrive, Rootspring scrambles away from the Moonpool in horror at what he witnessed. He rushes to SkyClan's camp and quickly informs Leafstar of what he saw. When they arrive in ShadowClan's camp, Lionblaze and Tigerstar are prepared to fight over Shadowsight when Rootspring announces what he saw—Ashfur kidnapped Squirrelflight into the Dark Forest. The Clan leaders agree to fetch their medicine cats and search the Moonpool for clues. The medicine cats are unable to communicate with StarClan still, and Mistystar's, Mothwing's, and Willowshine's attempts to swim through the water fail. As Frecklewish suspects only a dead cat can show the way to the Dark Forest, Shadowsight resolves that he must be the one to enter the Dark Forest since he has done it before and has a connection to Ashfur. The others disagree, and they decide to send Willowshine instead. They begin preparing Willowshine, and Mothwing suggests she should call on Softpelt's spirit to guide her. As Willowshine falls asleep to dream herself into the Place of No Stars, Rootspring notices her frantic spirit fail to reunite with her body and is dragged into the Moonpool. To the medicine cats' horror, Willowshine is dead, and Mothwing blames herself. They suspect something—or someone—was waiting for Willowshine when she entered the Dark Forest. Shadowsight is determined that he must enter the spirit realm, but Rootspring convinces him they should wait and regroup later with a better plan.
In ThunderClan's camp, Lionblaze forces Bristlefrost to explain what happened and that it was Shadowsight's fault, accidentally letting it slip that he intended to kill the ShadowClan medicine cat. Spotfur and several other cats question Lionblaze's legitimacy as ThunderClan's acting leader now that Squirrelflight and Bramblestar are gone, and as they argue, Graystripe returns from his wander. He immediately settles the squabbling, and Bristlefrost is impressed by his air of authority and suggests he should be acting leader. Graystripe accepts, and allows Lionblaze to be his acting deputy. Shadowsight manages to briefly dream himself into the Dark Forest by focusing on Ashfur, and Mothwing accompanies him to the Moonpool so he can gain more focus. Rootspring accompanies Graystripe, Bristlefrost, Lionblaze, Jayfeather, Tree, and Leafstar to the Moonpool and they discover Shadowsight and Mothwing already there. Tigerstar and Dovewing arrive looking for their son, and as the warriors fetch Harestar and Mistystar to discuss what to do next, Willowshine's spirit appears and drags Rootspring into the Moonpool. Willowshine apologizes for the scare, and says that she needs Rootspring's help. As they search for Ashfur, Mapleshade and Silverhawk walk by griping about Ashfur, and Willowshine orders Rootspring to follow Mapleshade. Rootspring loses her and narrowly evades being crushed by a cave-in and thick fog before locating Willowshine near a dark lake. She is surprised to see him, and points out an island in the distance with the spirits of their fallen Clanmates trapped and guarded by Darkstripe.
In the Dark Forest, Shadowsight meets Snowtuft, who explains that portions of the Dark Forest are vanishing behind a thick mist, including the cats who lived there, and Snowtuft agrees to help Shadowsight to rid the Dark Forest of Ashfur and save his home. They locate Ashfur and Squirrelflight with Squirrelflight aggressively hissing at Ashfur's attempts to convince her to stay with him. When Squirrelflight once again denies his affection, Ashfur shows Squirrelflight the island with the spirit cats under his control. He brings forward Bramblestar's possessed spirit and has him attack Squirrelflight under Ashfur's command. Bramblestar struggles to regain control of himself, but Ashfur continues to have him attack his mate. Shadowsight attacks Ashfur, distracting the dark warrior long enough for Bramblestar and Squirrelflight to escape. As Ashfur nearly kills Shadowsight, Shadowsight wakes up with a pain-filled yowl.
Bristlefrost worries over Rootspring's disappearance, and speaks with Tree about her future with Rootspring. She insists she can't be with him because they both belong in their own Clans. When Tree suggests she and Rootspring could leave the Clans, Bristlefrost resolves that she is a Clan cat, but wonders about the future of her Clan if Bramblestar or Squirrelflight don't return. Bristlefrost is overcome by wanting to hear Rootspring's voice, and she asks Mothwing how to dream into the Dark Forest to save him. While Mothwing is hesitant, she agrees but insists that Bristlefrost should not focus on her dead Clanmates, as Mothwing believes that is what got Willowshine killed. Bristlefrost harnesses her worries about Rootspring to enter the Dark Forest in her dreams, and witnesses Bramblestar and Squirrelflight attacking each other. Ashfur notices Bristlefrost in the distance right before Shadowsight attacks him, and Bristlefrost wakes up not long before Shadowsight. Shadowsight and Bristlefrost are pleased Bramblestar and Squirrelflight managed to escape Ashfur's clutches, but wish to return to save Rootspring and the other spirit cats.
As Rootspring wonders how they should rescue the trapped spirit cats, Squirrelflight appears, having escaped Ashfur thanks to Shadowsight. She leads them to Bramblestar's body in hopes of hiding it from Ashfur, but Stemleaf and other spirit cats under Ashfur's control lure them into a trap. They are taken to the island under Darkstripe's guard, and Rootspring manages to slip away from the crowd when Squirrelflight distracts the spirits. However, Stemleaf and Sandynose spot him and give chase, and Rootspring flings himself into the dark lake to escape. He nearly drowns, but thinking of Bristlefrost gives him newfound strength to survive, and he emerges on the other side of the lake. The spirit cats believe he is dead, and Rootspring finds a tree to keep watch on the island. To his horror, Willowshine is one of Ashfur's possessed spirits and he realizes Willowshine has tricked him all along. He spots Ashfur dragging Bramblestar's body onto the island to hide it as well. Snowtuft finds Rootspring and offers his assistance to get rid of Ashfur, and Rootspring worries how they'll rescue Squirrelflight and the others.
Bristlefrost insists they cannot give up on Rootspring, refusing to believe he is dead or Ashfur caught him. Graystripe and Ivypool arrive, and Bristlefrost admits to her mother that she went to the Dark Forest and wishes to return to save Rootspring. Ivypool is not pleased that Bristlefrost went to a dangerous place and that she has feelings for the SkyClan tom, but acknowledges that her daughter is brave. Though Bristlefrost insists she and Rootspring know they cannot be together, she is beginning to have internal doubts. Ivypool tells her daughter how she used her jealously over Dovewing to enter the Dark Forest, and warns her to be careful. While Bristlefrost is adamant about returning to the Dark Forest, Shadowsight is hesitant since he could feel how the dark place was changing him into something he's not, reflecting how the older cats warned the Dark Forest can change a good cat into a bad cat. Tree fetches the Sisters in hopes they can find a way to enter the Dark Forest without the negative effects of dreaming into it. Tigerstar confides with Shadowsight about his fears of losing him, but also acknowledges he is proud of his son and that he has a destiny that Tigerstar will never understand.
As Rootspring and Snowtuft struggle to come up with a plan to lure Ashfur from the island, Bramblestar's spirit arrives. Despite the risks of falling under Ashfur's spell again, Bramblestar is determined to make things right. Snowtuft lures Ashfur away with a guise that he found Bramblestar's spirit, and Rootspring and Bramblestar storm the island. As Rootspring fights Darkstripe, he notices Bramblestar's corpse not far and calls for Bramblestar to go to it. Rootspring tussles with Darkstripe and flings the dark tabby into the dark lake. Bramblestar reunites with his body and lets out a triumphant yowl. As Rootspring, Squirrelflight, and Bramblestar escape the island along the narrow muddy path, Ashfur meets them at the shore. Determined to save the ThunderClan cats, Rootspring charges at Ashfur and flings himself at the dark warrior, catching Ashfur off guard with his boldness. Snowtuft aids Rootspring, and he and the living cats flee in the chaos. As Snowtuft leads them to the living world, Rootspring is captured.
In the living world, Bramblestar and Squirrelflight emerge from the Moonpool to joyful yowls. However, Rootspring is not with them, and they conclude he must have been captured. The Clan cats are hesitant to send a rescue party to save one cat, but Shadowsight and Bristlefrost are determined to save their friend. While the others are distracted, Snow sends Shadowsight and Bristlefrost to the Dark Forest by reciting a chant to protect them, and the pair soon wake up in the Dark Forest. They quickly find Rootspring fighting for his life against Snowtuft as Ashfur, Stemleaf, and the other spirit cats glamorously cheer on.



A compiled list of the errors present in The Place Of No Stars can be found here.

Publication history

  • The Place of No Stars (EN), HarperCollins (hardcover), 6 April 2021[5]
  • The Place of No Stars (EN), HarperCollins (eBook), 6 April 2021[5]
  • Ort ohne Sterne (DE), Beltz & Gelberg (hardcover), 9 February 2022, translated by Anja Hansen-Schmidt[6]
  • The Place of No Stars (EN), HarperCollins (paperback), 5 April 2022[5]
  • 無星之地 (ZH), Morningstar (paperback), 15 February 2022[7]


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