These notes are brief, noting major events and minor events in The Place of No Stars (book) that will be of consequence later. They are intended to be used as a reference for those looking for specific events for re-reading and the book discussions.
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  • Bristlefrost and the rest of her Clan terminology wait for Lionblaze's patrol to return.
    • The patrol is supposed to execute Ashfur, as the leaders had decided to do so.
  • While waiting, Flipclaw returns, and is greeted warmly by his Clanmates.
  • Following the interruption, Flipclaw explains how Flywhisker and Snaptooth had become kittypets.
  • After this, Lionblaze and his patrol returns.
    • Lionblaze tells the Clan that Ashfur had gotten away. He says that Shadowsight let him escape his prison, and the leaders think that Squirrelflight had some involvement in Ashfur's escaping.
    • Bumblestripe adds that Shadowsight now inhabits the prison, surprising the Clan.
    • After the Clan reacts to the news, Lionblaze states that soon, he would lead a patrol to question Shadowsight, and discuss what to do next.
  • Bristlefrost disproves Squirrelflight helping Ashfur escape, as she tells the cats that after the Gathering, she had persuaded Squirrelflight not to help Ashfur, and that the acting leader had accepted this.
  • Lionblaze states that he will take Bumblestripe, Plumstone, Leafshade, and Bristlefrost to interrogate Shadowsight.
    • Sparkpelt interrupts that she wants to be on the patrol, citing that her mother was involved with this.
    • Alderheart supports this, and states that he would like to be on the patrol as well, along with Jayfeather, so Tigerstar won't see it as an invasion seeing as there would be medicine cats there.
  • After Lionblaze rejects the cats, Jayfeather convincingly tells the acting deputy that Lionblaze will think with his claws instead of his head and regret it later, and that the blind tom wants to make sure the cats who are being interrogated get treated fairly.
    • Lionblaze accepts this, and exits the camp with Bristlefrost, Plumstone, Bumblestripe, Leafshade, Alderheart, Jayfeather, and Sparkpelt.

  • Tigerstar and Dovewing persuasively tell Shadowsight to depart with Tawnypelt to the Tribe of Rushing Water.
    • Despite Shadowsight explaining to them what he saw the previous day, his parents believe that the Clans may turn on them given the right reason.
  • Tawnypelt and Shadowsight begin, while Tigerstar calls a Clan meeting, and his siblings, Lightleap and Pouncestep, usher cats toward their leader.
    • Lionblaze catches on to Tigerstar's plan, catching Shadowsight and Tawnypelt leaving the Clans.
  • He tells the other leaders this, accusing Tigerstar of caring about his son more than his Clan, and the rest of the Clans.
    • The tenseness rises, prompting Shadowsight to call out that he will give himself up, hoping that the situation would settle down.
    • Shadowsight wonders if Tigerstar will attack the ThunderClan deputy, but Tigerstar simply remarks that the Clans will recall later how any cat would be so mousebrained.

  • Rootspring hurries back to SkyClan camp, wanting to tell the others what he had witnessed.
    • He meets Hawkwing and his patrol. The SkyClan deputy explains that Ashfur had escaped, and Leafstar was leading a patrol to ShadowClan camp.
    • Rootspring tells Hawkwing what he saw, so Hawkwing sends him over to SkyClan camp with the hope of catching Leafstar's patrol.
  • The yellow tom finds his leader's patrol, and tells Leafstar that Squirrelflight had disappeared after the Gathering, hoping to save Bramblestar's body. He recalls how he persuaded Squirrelflight to help the Clans, which she accepted.
    • He retells how the ginger she-cat had gone to the Moonpool, where out of nowhere, Ashfur appeared and dragged her into the Moonpool and the Dark Forest.
    • Leafstar believes him, and orders him to come along and share his sights with the other leaders.
  • They enter camp, seeing Lionblaze and Tigerstar head-to-head.
    • Mistystar splits the two, and reminds them that they need to talk about Ashfur.
    • The two toms still attack each other, with Lionblaze insulting Shadowsight, causing him to be under Tigerstar's paws.
  • Rootspring intervenes, shouting that Squirrelflight had been kidnapped by Ashfur, who had dragged the ThunderClan leader into the Dark Forest.
    • The leaders state their opinions on this, until Jayfeather sarcastically states that they should be at the Moonpool.
  • The blind tabby tells the leaders to gather their medicine cats and some warriors to go to the Moonpool, where they can begin investigating.

  • The leaders send their fastest cats to fetch the Clan's medicine cats.
  • They discuss who should be allowed, but Bristlefrost is out of earshot before the leaders reach a conclusion.\
  • She reaches the WindClan border, scenting a patrol.
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