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Chapter Number: 1 (of 25)
Page Numbers: 5-24

Chapter description

Twigbranch and Flypaw are cleaning up the training grounds of sticks and debris, and Flypaw complains to her mentor on why they have to be the ones doing it. Twigbranch points out that they have to clean the area if they want to practice, and Flypaw whines, asking why Spotpaw, Plumpaw, and Stempaw aren't helping. Her mentor reminds the apprentice that Plumpaw is hunting with Eaglepaw and Shellpaw, and Twigbranch wonders if she complained this much when she was an apprentice. Flypaw continues to complain, and tries to beg Twigbranch to do something other than clean, but Twigbranch stands firm, and reminds her that Bramblestar asked for the training ground to be cleared, and also points out that her littermate, Snappaw isn't complaining.
Snappaw remarks that his mentor, Finleap told her that moving the sticks would him stronger, and that he wants to be the strongest apprentice in ThunderClan. Flypaw scowls, saying that Snappaw shouldn't get too strong, or Bramblestar will be making him clear every branch in the forest. Finleap sympathizes with Flypaw, remarking that she's worked really hard, and suggests to Twigbranch that they reward them by teaching them some battle moves.
Excited, the two apprentices start play fighting, and Twigbranch gives into her annoyance, worrying that Bramblestar would regret giving her apprentice since she can't even get Flypaw to clean the clearing. Finleap nuzzles her and reminds her that the clearing can always be cleaned later, and that there's no harm in taking breaks. Still insecure, Twigbranch worries since she hadn't planned on teaching them battle moves, but Finleap reassures her that she can't do anything wrong since she was an apprentice for so long. Twigbranch eventually lightens up, feeling comforted by Finleap's reassurance and praise, and reflects on her feelings for him. However, she feels that she isn't ready for a mate, and most importantly wants to prove her loyalty to ThunderClan and also focus on her mentoring.
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