"Let's teach [ShadowClan] that no part of SkyClan land is safe for intruders. After tomorrow, they won't dare set a paw here again!"
Leafstar to SkyClan in The Raging Storm, page 151
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Chapter Number: 12 (of 25)
Page Numbers: 150-195

Chapter description

Violetshine's paws tremble, as she worries that she will mess up her battle moves when the ShadowClan patrol invades SkyClan's camp. She calls out to Hawkwing, and he reassuringly says to be ready when the ShadowClan patrol arrives, but not to jump down until Leafstar gives the order.
Violetshine views Leafstar in the tree beside her, on the same branch that Macgyver is perched on. She impatiently wonders whether the ShadowClan patrol would come soon. Violetshine recalls that ShadowClan had crossed into SkyClan's territory every day after the Gathering that Leafstar and Tigerstar had argued over his attempt to claim SkyClan's land.
Leafstar had become more and more furious every time ShadowClan invaded SkyClan's land, leading to her informing her clan that they had to 'make a stand'. Violetshine thinks to herself of her proud feeling of Leafstar's decision to attack, but feels scared of letting her Clan down in the attack. Violetshine tries to ignore her emotions and scans the trail. Hawkwing stiffens next to her as ShadowClan scent starts to waft in through the pine. She stares along the trail as Snaketooth pads into view, along with Strikestone and Grassheart.
Leafstar hisses 'attack' to her Clan as soon as ShadowClan is trotting underneath her branch. The ShadowClan cats all yowl as the SkyClan patrol dives onto ShadowClan's patrol. Violetshine unsheathes her claws and lands squarely on Strikestone's back, causing him to collapse beneath her. He drops and rolls in an attempt to get Violetshine off his back, but she digs her claws into his back and holds on. As Strikestone staggers clumsily, she sinks her teeth in to his scruff, and pummels his spine with her hind legs, leading to him shrieking and bucking beneath her.
Blazepaw wails in pain beside the two as Harrybrook swipes the young tom on the nose. Bellaleaf is seen hooking her claws into Snaketooth's shoulders, and flinging her to the ground. As Leafstar slashes at Grassheart's nose, Strikestone rears beneath Violetshine, feeling triumph. Suddenly, Strikestone shoves her against a tree, and she lets him go, groaning. Strikestone then turns on her and starts to lift his forepaw, and swings at her muzzle. Then Hawkwing lunges at the ShadowClan tom, knocking him to the ground. Grassheart yowls to retreat, eyes frightful as Leafstar holds her to the ground. She tells them to show this to Tigerstar, promptly ripping fur from Grassheart's flank. The ShadowClan patrol then flees back to their own territory.
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