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Chapter Number: 2 (of 25)
Page Numbers: 16-30

Chapter description

Jaykit's PoV

Firestar asks where the fox is, and Thornclaw replies that it is by the Sky Oak, killed by a trap. Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight come and ask what is happening. Firestar explains, and when Spiderleg says it is a female, Brambleclaw growls that there could be cubs. Jaykit asks what harm cubs can cause, and Hollykit replies that they grow into adults. Jaykit senses anxiousness in his father's voice. As the warriors discuss the location, Ferncloud frets for her kits. After deciding to kill the cubs when they are found, Firestar takes Sandstorm and leaves Brambleclaw in charge. He begins sorting out many patrols to search for the fox cubs.
Frustrated, Lionkit asks Brambleclaw if they can do anything to help. He replies that they can help guard the camp and to send Leafpool for him if the cubs reach them. When Lionkit tells his littermates they are to guard the camp, Jaykit growls that the cubs wouldn't get this far. Hollykit argues that they might. Jaykit snaps for them to stop acting like they were important when Lionkit proposes the idea to track the cubs down themselves. Hollykit and Jaykit agree with this and follow Lionkit out of the camp through the tunnel near the dirtplace. They are careful to stay out of the patrols' way, using scent to help, with Jaykit warning them if a patrol is nearby.
After a while, they reach a place near Thornclaw's patrol and smell the dead fox near the Sky Oak. When Jaykit finds the fox's milk scent, they follow the trail. They reach a clump of bracken that smelled of the cubs. Hollykit volunteers to go in first, but Lionkit points out that he would blend in better. When he returns, he reports an entrance and escape route, as well as the fact that he heard the cubs wailing for food. As they make their way into the den, he rushes them, as Thornclaw's patrol is getting closer. When the three kits hiss, they hear the cubs leap to their paws, and they realize with horror that they are far larger than they thought. Lionkit wails that they're huge, and Jaykit yowls that they need to get out.
The cub chases Jaykit as he calls for Thornclaw. He tries to lose the fox in bramble thickets, but it continues after him. He catches the scent of the camp and runs toward it. Suddenly the ground disappears from under Jaykit's paws, and he plunges into the hollow.





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