"No cat can see him! Only me!"
Rootpaw's thoughts concerning the Bramblestar's ghost in The Silent Thaw, page 15
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Chapter Number: 1 (of 24)
Page Numbers: 5-15

Chapter description

Rootpaw is running away from Bramblestar's ghost as it cries out for help. Rootpaw worries that he is like his father, Tree, and can see dead cats. Rootpaw wants to be a normal cat with normal warrior kin. Rootpaw decides that he needs to find out if Bramblestar is still alive, and to do so, he needs to talk with a ThunderClan cat. The apprentice realizes he is late for training, and rushes to where he is expected by Dewspring.
Rootpaw runs into his mentor, Dewspring, who scolds him for arriving late for his training. Rootpaw apologizes and they prepare to set off. Hawkwing intercepts them along with Plumwillow and Nettlesplash, and Rootpaw asks if they can join their border patrol, hoping they might see a ThunderClan patrol. Dewspring agrees, and the patrol leaves for the ThunderClan border. The older cat instructs Rootpaw to catch a bird, but he gets distracted, wondering if there would be a patrol up ahead he could talk to. He gets down from the tree with no luck, and Dewspring scolds him again for dawdling.
Rootpaw then spots a ThunderClan patrol, and gets their attention by asking loudly where he needed to mark the border. Lionblaze appears with Sparkpelt and Cherryfall, and Lionblaze asks him to not make so much noise. Rootpaw apologizes and casually asks if Bramblestar got better. Lionblaze is surprised, and says that he is better, which relieves Rootpaw, thinking he hadn't seen a ghost after all. They finish up the patrol, and Rootpaw goes to train with Needlepaw, his sister, and her mentor, Reedclaw in the afternoon.
Dewspring lets them finish early, as both had a good session. Back at the SkyClan camp, Rootpaw picks out prey for both Needlepaw and himself, and sit together to share a meal. Rootpaw thinks he sees the ghost again, and watches its form come closer to him. When it sits down next to Needlepaw, Rootpaw realizes that only he can see the ghost. He panics, wishing he could be a normal apprentice.





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