"Am I going to be punished because my mother broke the code? She was the one who had kits with a cat from another Clan, not me!"
Jayfeather being named as a codebreaker in The Silent Thaw, page 164
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Chapter Number: 12 (of 24)
Page Numbers: 159-170

Chapter description

Shadowsight and Puddleshine attend the half-moon gathering at the Moonpool with the other medicine cats. The young tom tries to ignore the doubt that had been shadowing him for the past days about what the codebreakers might have to do to make amends. Puddleshine comments on his silence and Shadowsight states that he is simply worried about his Clanmates and their injuries.
As the half-moon gathering begins, Frecklewish greets the two ShadowClan toms and asks if they think StarClan would share with the medicine cats. Around the Moonpool the cats share their thoughts on the manner. Shadowsight tells his peers that he thinks he knows why StarClan have stopped sharing with them. He explains that he had kept a vision secret and goes on to explain the codebreakers to the other medicine cats. Kestrelflight asks which cats StarClan had named and Shadowsight names the cats, watching Jayfeather stiffen at the mention of his own name. He goes on to explain that Tigerstar had made him keep the vision a secret due to his fear and Jayfeather agrees, stating that Bramblestar had been calling on codebreakers to be punished. Shadowsight softly mentions that Bramblestar might be right to punish the cats which causes an uproar from Mothwing and Willowshine.
Kestrelflight glares suddenly at Shadowsight, asking the tom if he had heard the vision correctly, doubting the tom's experience. Puddleshine defends his apprentice, stating that he'd had visions since he was a kit and that he is trying to do the right thing by them all. The cats continue to voice their issues with the vision and why some cats weren't also named as codebreakers. Shadowsight then calls for the medicine cats to decide what to do next. Willowshine suggests that they tell their leaders, but, Jayfeather disagrees with her, asking her to imagine what Bramblestar would do to those named. However, the cats agree that it is far too important to ignore and leave the Moonpool to deliver the news to their leaders.
The following morning, Shadowsight tells with his father that he told his fellow medicine cats about his vision. Dovewing asks him about the vision and Shadowsight reveals all the details of it to her. Tigerstar tells him that he shouldn't have told the Clans about it, but, Shadowsight holds his ground, saying it was the right thing to do to stop horrible things from happening. The brown tabby holds anger towards his son, but, Dovewing jumps to his defense, saying that she told him to tell the truth. The three of them question the meaning of the vision and why codebreakers were only being named now. Shadowsight remains fearful of what the future might hold and hopes that his mother doesn't suffer for his own honesty.





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