"Dewnose. [...] I'm called Dewnose."
Dewnose reminding Bramblestar of his name in The Silent Thaw, page 24
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Chapter Number: 3 (of 24)
Page Numbers: 16-28

Chapter description

Bristlefrost assists Thriftear in repairing a den, and Graystripe inquires what they are doing. Stemleaf reassures the elder that all the holes will be filled before sundown, and Spotfur pledges to help too. Bristlefrost feels irritated at the pair's interactions, and tries to shrug off her former crush. Spotfur asks her if she's alright, and she says yes. The warriors and apprentices continue to wait for Squirrelflight to assign patrols.
Bristlefrost notices that the deputy is late, but keeps working on the den. She reminisces on how odd Bramblestar seems after losing a life, needing Squirrelflight's company constantly and keeping to his den. The dawn patrol returns, and is surprised that no other cats have left camp yet. Thornclaw complains about the lack of fresh prey, and the rest of his patrol feels similarly. Mousewhisker, Lilyheart, and Cinderheart decide to take their apprentices out to train, and Squirrelflight comes out of the den shortly after.
Lionblaze reports that the pairs have left, and Squirrelflight approves their actions. She begins to assign patrols, but Bramblestar interrupts her. The leader questions why the elders' den is being repaired, and decides that the warriors' den should be done first. He also rather coldly orders the medicine cats to stop bothering Squirrelflight, which puzzles both. Bristlefrost notices this behavior, and sees Bramblestar continues to act odd, messing up Dewnose's name. She becomes annoyed with her denmates concerns about Bramblestar, who make several comments derogatory of their leadership.
Bramblestar continues to blunder when attempting to help Squirrelflight with patrols, such as not knowing the best prey spots in the current season. Bristlefrost offers the leader and deputy her assistance, and expects to be added to a patrol. Bramblestar tells her she will do the daily patrols from now on, despite Squirrelflight's wariness. The leader rebuffs the doubts raised by Thornclaw, and the younger warrior eagerly accepts the position.





Notes and references

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  2. Bramblestar's impostor is acting through Bramblestar's body, and thus is who is listed as present in this chapter.

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