"You must help me."
Bramblestar to Shadowsight in The Silent Thaw, page 297
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Chapter Number: 20 (of 24)
Page Numbers: 288-300

Chapter description

Shadowsight pads into the medicine cat den, noting that the nests inside were empty as the warriors had since returned to their own dens. He feels gloomy, owing it to the previous night's Gathering and that Bramblestar had stance on the codebreakers had not changed. He treats Yarrowleaf for a bee sting when she enters camp, drawing his attention away from his thoughts. The tom tries to help Puddleshine treat the she-cat's wound, but, the older tom takes care of it, causing Shadowsight to question his mentor's trust in him. The two have a brief argument, but, then Puddleshine scents SkyClan and the pair see Rootpaw and Tree be led into camp.
Tigerstar questions the two toms' arrival, but, Tree states he is visiting each Clan for his atonement. This sparks concern from the ShadowClan warriors, but, they are quickly quietened by their leader. Tree asks if Squirrelight had delivered her message, but, Tigesrstar states that they have not, nor would they want to hear it. The tabby tom orders Tree to leave, but, Tree tells the Clan that they need to hear what he has to say. Dovewing cuts between her mate and Tree, telling the yellow tom to leave before some cat gets hurt. They leave and as they do, Cinnamontail returns to camp. After being told what had happened, she sees Puddleshine for a queasy feeling. Puddleshine asks Shadowsight if he wanted to treat the she-cat, but, he declines, instead goes to check on marigold he had found.
Leaving camp, Shadowsight catches up with the SkyClan toms, surprising Tree. The three talk about Shadowsight's visions and Tree reveals that Bramblestar isn't the real Bramblestar, and is instead being possessed by an impostor. Rootpaw proposes the question that the voice Shadowsight had heard had been the impostor's voice. But, the medicine cat questions about Bramblestar's ghost. With his father's encouragement, Rootpaw manages to summon the ThunderClan leader briefly, surprising Shadowsight. The medicine cat agrees with Tree that they need to get rid of the impostor and return the real Bramblestar to his body. Tree reveals the cats that believe them despite the majority of the Clans believing the impostor and StarClan. The three toms conclude that they need to spread word of the impostor and upon returning to camp, Squirrelflight is in the centre of it, seeking sanctuary from Tigerstar.





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