"If it were me, I'd tell the truth. [...] You can never go wrong by telling the truth."
Dovewing to Shadowsight in The Silent Thaw, page 81
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Chapter Number: 6 (of 24)
Page Numbers: 68-81

Chapter description

Shadowsight fixes a nest as he thinks back to the previous Gathering and how Bramblestar had directly asked him if he had heard from StarClan. He mulls over the fact that he’d lied to the ThunderClan leader to keep his promise to his father. Puddleshine stirs him out of his thoughts, asking if he was alright, stating that he’d been distracted since the other night. Shadowsight asks his mentor for guidance about his visions and what they mean. He also wonders if he could betray his father by warning the Clans, but, becomes concerned for his mother's safety.
He leaves the medicine cat den to talk with his father, finding him rummaging through the fresh-kill pile. Shadowsight tells him that he should tell the other Clans about the codebreakers, however, Tigerstar remains firm that he shouldn’t. He reminds his son of what Bramblestar had said the previous night and leaves him to dwell again on his thoughts. However, Lightleap's yowl catches his attention as she returns to camp with Flaxfoot and Snowbird, the latter limping. Puddleshine and Shadowsight hurry to help the white warrior by giving her poppy seeds and sending the other two warriors to search for sticks to create a leg splint.
Shadowsight sets out after the two cats after they had been gone for a while. While out, a tree branch falls near him, knocking him off his paws. He begins to wonder if the falling branches were signs from StarClan or that perhaps they were intent on hurting them. Worry pricks at his pelt as he returns to camp where he then scents blood. He sees Puddleshine tending to Antfur, Scorchfur, the two warriors also having been struck by a falling branch. The tom tends to Dovewing who had been with them, but, she reassures her son that she is fine. As the two medicine cats tend to Antfur he shows a lot of confusion, mentioning that he needs to scavenge and find the scrapcans. Shadowsight whispers to Puddleshine that Antfur thinks he’s back in the city. They tend to him, getting him to rest to stop himself from feeling dizzy. The younger tom leaves the den to check on Dovewing.
Finding Dovewing, Shadowsight talks with his mother while treating her for her own injuries. She reassures her son that she was just tired from the day while he asks her for advice. He asks what she would do if she had a secret that might help but also hurt a lot of cats. The warrior tells her son that if it were her, she’d tell the truth. Still feeling uneasy, Shadowsight watches as she falls asleep and hopes that if he did tell the truth it wouldn’t be as bad as his father feared.





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