"No matter what his father had said, he couldn't risk keeping the secret anymore. He had to warn the other medicine cats."
Shadowsight's thoughts in The Silent Thaw, page 128
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Chapter Number: 9 (of 24)
Page Numbers: 120-128

Chapter description

Three days have passed and Shadowsight continues to care for Antfur, despite the tom's continuing confusion. The young medicine cat also notes that all of his injured Clanmates were healing quickly, most of them returning to sleep in the warrior's den.
He nudges Antfur awake and the tom mistakenly calls him Mittens. Shadowsight voices his concerns to Puddleshine, but, as they talk, Antfur seemingly returns to his normal self. The two medicine cats test him and he is able to identify them and recall what happened to him the other day. Tigerstar soon joins them in the den and Antfur tells him he's ready to patrol, despite still feeling a little dizzy. Shadowsight is hesitant to let him return to his duties, but, both Tigerstar and Antfur insist it would be good for him. The warrior uses the wrong names again, but, is allowed to go on patrol.
Later in the morning, Shadowsight tends to Snowbird's paw as the mood in camp shifts, making most ShadowClan cats on edge. He watches as Snaketooth, Blazefire and Gullswoop enter camp, carrying Antfur's body between them. Cinnamontail races to his body and asks what happened to him. Blazefire tells his Clanmate that Antfur climbed a tree and fell.
The ShadowClan cats gather around their fallen Clanmate as Shadowsight becomes worried about possible signs from StarClan. He thinks about Antfur's death as a message from them and that despite wanting to keep his promise to his father, he had to warn the other medicine cats.





Important events


  • Antfur dies falling from a tree.[4]

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