"I can't bear what happened to Bright Stream! I know it was my fault she died. I've wished over and over we could have switched places. I'm more sorry then I can ever tell you."
Gray Wing to Clear Sky in The Sun Trail, page 194
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Chapter Number: 14 (of 26)
Page Numbers: 192-201

Chapter description

As the traveling cats sit down and eat the prey that Moon Shadow caught, Gray Wing notes to himself that Clear Sky seems frustrated, and that he has hardly spoken to anyone. Turtle Tail tells Gray Wing to stop avoiding his brother, to which he responds that he'll think about it, though he's afraid of Clear Sky's fury. Later that day, the rain stops and Gray Wing spots his brother climbing up the hollow alone, and decides to follow Clear Sky. Clear Sky races across the moor, reaching the river where a waterfall crashes down, and climbs down one of the narrow paths that lead to the water's edge. Gray Wing catches up, and asks if he had came there because it reminded him of their waterfall, back in the mountains.
Clear Sky, startled, slides over the edge of the path, and Gray Wing grabs his brother's scruff. Gray Wing says he won't let Clear Sky die too, Bright Stream's death fresh in his mind, and hauls his brother up onto the path. Clear Sky calls Gray Wing an idiot, and Gray Wing apologizes. His brother asks what he meant by that he wouldn't let him die too, and Gray Wing apologizes for Bright Stream's death, blaming it on himself. Clear Sky chokes out that it wasn't Gray Wing's fault, and states it was his fault. Gray Wing stares at his brother in disbelief, murmuring that it might've been no cats' fault, just a terrible accident. Gray Wing sighs, and suggests they explore further downstream. Clear Sky agrees.
Gray Wing takes the lead, and a clear path gradually becomes encroached with undergrowth. Eventually the undergrowth thins out and Gray Wing spots stepping-stones in the river. Clear Sky easily jumps across the stones, and Gray Wing follows his brother over the river. Clear Sky gives his brother a friendly butt with his head, saying he took his time. Clear Sky sets off with a powerful leap, Gray Wing right after him. They reach the summit of the outcrop, made out of several rocks. Clear Sky states it would be great for sunning yourself and catching prey. A cold voise comes from right behind them, and the brothers turn around to see an hostile black she-cat. The she-cat tells them to get off her rocks, and jumps into the river, where she swims strongly to the opposite bank. Gray Wing says the black cat should meet Falling Feather, and the two cats bounds back into the trees. Clear Sky catches a squirrel.
Clear Sky murmurs that he could live somewhere like the forest, and Gray Wing states he prefers the moor. They finish up the prey, and head back through the trees. Gray Wing is suspicious that they are being watched, and Clear Sky states that is not a problem unless they show up and fight, thinking the cats are afraid of him. Gray Wing points out they need to live peacefully with the other cats, and Clear Sky leads the way back onto the moor. The find a huge hollow where four oak trees stood, and Clear Sky climbs up the tree. Gray Wing spots a tortoiseshell she-cat looking at them, and leaves before they get a chance to speak to her. Clear Sky states the she-cat was no wild cat, and Gray Wing doesn't understand why any cat would like to live with Twolegs.
When they return to the hollow, the brothers here Moon Shadow and Tall Shadow arguing about where they would live, Moon Shadow stating all Tall Shadow ever did was order them around. Hawk Swoop intervenes, suggesting they catch a hawk since she was tired of their arguing. Jackdaw's Cry, Dappled Pelt, Rainswept Flower and Gray Wing decide to go hunt the bird. Moon Shadow stomps off to his nest, and Turtle Tail decides not to go. Dappled Pelt compares the hawk to the eagles back in the mountains, and states it is smaller. The cats surround the hawk, and Jackdaw's Cry kills it swiftly. While they are admiring the catch, Dappled Pelt catches a mouse, and every cat is pleased.





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