"These virtues have nothing to do with the wind; they are bred within us, and will endure as long as the warrior code survives."
Blackstar to the reader about ShadowClan in The Ultimate Guide, page 59
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Chapter description

Blackstar's PoV

Blackstar says that when ShadowClan lived in the forest, other Clans claimed that their hearts were chilled by cold winds from the mountains, turning them cold and cunning. The ShadowClan leader questions what excuse other Clans make for ShadowClan's skill in battle now that all the Clans live by the lake. He notes their readiness to invade other Clans territories in the forest was because of lack of prey in their own land. Blackstar says lizards and frogs filled so many bellies in leaf-bare, and thought it was unfair that other Clans had rabbits and birds all year round.
Blackstar says ShadowClan cats are proud of who they are, proud to fight more bravely and tirelessly than any other Clan. He states ShadowClan's warriors were the first to stand by their word with tooth and claw, rather than petty words. Blackstar remarks his Clan chose to settle on the outskirt of the forest, because that gave them the independence they wanted, and the ability to chase prey as far as they desired. He adds that Carrionplace was a bonus, although they had to learn quickly if the rats they had caught were tainted by Twolegs.
Blackstar proudly says that his Clan has stayed pure, and there is no place for kittypets or strangers within their borders. He notes that Tigerstar was an exception, since he had been born in ThunderClan. Blackstar conceded that if their warrior ancestors granted him nine lives, then he was the right cat to lead ShadowClan. Blackstar acknowledges they have allowed some rogues to join them too, but only after they proved their loyalty and courage.
Blackstar admits that inviting Scourge and BloodClan to the forest may have been a bad idea, but adds that ShadowClan came out victorious from that battle. He mentions that now, beside the lake, ShadowClan is the most feared Clan with the fiercest skills in stalking and fighting. Blackstar says that these virtues have nothing to do with the wind; but that they are bred within ShadowClan cats, and will endure as long as the warrior code survives.




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