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Below contains in-depth information for the Bluestar Speaks chapter of The Ultimate Guide. If you are looking for a shorter summary of the entire book, please check the main article.

Chapter Summary

Bluestar's PoV

ThunderClan's traditions and cultures blossomed the way it is now because of the surroundings in which they live. ThunderClan warriors could stay quiet enough to hunt their prey without being detected, even in the densest undergrowth. They are descended from the cats that lived in the forest long ago, that had the skills to hunt adeptly beneath the trees. They had the same adaptability to their territory and to fight their enemies closely, allowing them to feed and defend their Clan. ThunderClan held the warrior code close, always depending on it and making sure to do as it said. This helped them maintain their forest home. ThunderClan preferred to avoid fighting if peace could solve the problem, though they would fight if necessary.
One of the longest and biggest quarrels ThunderClan had was with RiverClan because of Sunningrocks. At first, only cats who didn't mind swimming could get to them, but later they became attached to ThunderClan's territory. Both Clans fought over these rocks, each believing they belonged to them. ThunderClan had more success in these endless battles than RiverClan ever did. Because of Twolegplace, ThunderClan had to deal with kittypets, loners, and rogues trespassing on their territory. Bluestar believes that cats who do not believe in StarClan are often better than their enemies in other Clans. She thinks they could learn to follow the warrior code if they tried, though they couldn't always change their personalities.



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