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Cloudstar meows that SkyClan has the distinction of being the first Clan in the forest territories. He says that their founder, Clear Sky, chose not to live on the moor with others and cling to an environment that reminded them of home. The white tom notes that the first SkyClan leader had seen potential in the dense woodland, and in the thick undergrowth that provided secrecy. Cloudstar comments that he took with him only those who were skilled at leaping, as this talent could easily be turned into climbing trees in pursuit of smaller prey. He states that the moorland cats became jealous, though Clear Sky knew he was sowing the seeds of a group that would grow strong and proud, lasting forever.
Cloudstar thinks that it might have lasted, but the SkyClan founder could've never foreseen what the Twolegs would do to his precious territory. He says that by the time he became leader many seasons later, trees were being torn down to make way for new Twoleg dens. Cloudstar admits that for the first time, SkyClan was the most vulnerable of all the Clans so they appealed to others for enough of their territory to survive leaf-bare. He meows that it seemed SkyClan's history in establishing the warrior code meant nothing to the other Clans. Cloudstar explains that they were cast out, and he led his Clan on a long, dangerous journey. He notes that his Clan eventually reached a sandy gorge, which offered shelter, prey, and a chance to rest.
Cloudstar comments that SkyClan thrived in it's new home, nurturing the flame of the warrior code until rats came and stole their prey, killed their kits, and terrorized the Clan until there was no one left. He meows that the Clan could not suffer two defeats, so the gorge lay empty until Firestar was sent by Bluestar to restore a once noble and important Clan. He notes that the ThunderClan leader and Sandstorm rebuilt the Clan by tracking down SkyClan descendants who showed an echo of their ancestors' tree-hunting skills, and also inviting others to come and uphold the warrior code. Cloudstar states that the heart of SkyClan never truly died, because even when there were still rats to defeat, SkyClan thrived.




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