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Crookedstar's PoV

Crookedstar meows that RiverClan has always been viewed with suspicion because of their skill at swimming, and their fondness of getting their paws wet. He notes that RiverClan cats mostly don't descend from mountain cats that had no wish to live among the whispering reeds. Instead, they are descended from those who saw the potential of the river providing food in every season. Crookedstar mentions that their diet of fish made every RiverClan cat's pelt glossy and thick, better suited to keeping out the chill of the waves. While other Clans scorn RiverClan's plain, reed-rattled dens, Crookedstar thinks they are made charming with feathers, moss, and other trinkets collected along the shore.
The RiverClan leader says his warriors are often labeled as cowardly, because they rarely venture into battle. He notes that if other Clans didn't want to get their paws wet to attack them, there is no reason why should they pick battles. Crookedstar's voice holds a hint of a snarl when he says the one exception was Sunningrocks, as those rocks were rightfully RiverClan's. He explains that the territory originally had the river flowing around the rocks on both sides. The course of the water changed, which left ThunderClan dry-paw access leading them to claim the rocks. Crookedstar says more blood was lost over Sunningrocks than many cats care to remember, and it was won and lost until the Clans left the forest.
He admits that now, every Clan lives beside water, although RiverClan is still the only Clan that swims to catch it's prey. At first, they settled on the island, but StarClan sent the tree-bridge. Crookedstar meows that it was claimed as a Gathering place, so RiverClan chose to settle around a stream that flows into the lake. He says that RiverClan had been threatened by curious Twoleg kits and a poisonous pool, but they quietly endured, and take pride in their independent, strong-swimming cats.



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