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Tallstar's PoV

Tallstar says the other Clans have always been quick to dismiss WindClan as puny and skittish, easy to defeat in battle and the least skilled at hunting under trees. He notes that since they were mainly descended from mountain cats, they needed the open sky above their heads to truly feel free. Tallstar questions why the other Clans would want to smother their pelts with tree branches, or soak their pelts in the cold river every time they needed to hunt. He meows that WindClan cats are small and lithe, but run faster than any other Clan which enables them to catch rabbits on the open moor.
Tallstar warns to not confuse WindClan's keen sense of danger with a lack of courage, because they can see their enemies from far away. He states that his Clan had no wish to invade other Clans' territories, because their own hunting grounds were best suited to their needs. Tallstar says he'd rather form an alliance with another Clan to fend off trouble on an endangered border than risk his Clanmates' survival for the sake of stubborn pride. He sadly meows that he had to watch his Clan suffer more than any other when the Twolegs destroyed their home to expand a Thunderpath. Tallstar recalls the yellow monsters that had turned WindClan's territory into rabbitless mud, and how the Twolegs had tried to poison his Clan with their own prey. He acknowledges that he wouldn't leave the forest without the other Clans, because WindClan will always be one of the four. Tallstar says that those mountain cats didn't leave the waterfall in vain, and mews that WindClan would preserve their legacy forever with their speed and determination to survive.




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