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The apprentice is a black-and-white tom.[1]


In the Novellas

Goosefeather's Curse

When Goosekit and his denmates play hide-and-seek, the apprentice calls out to the speckled gray tom. The black-and-white cat sits beside the warriors' den, and asks him if he's looking for two kits. Goosekit nods yes, so he points him to two hiding spots behind the nursery and into some ferns. The kits' fur spikes, knowing that if Moonkit is caught in Cloudberry's den they'd be in a lot of trouble. Goosekit thanks the black-and-white tom for his help, and bounds away. The speckled gray kit soon finds his denmates, who complain that he cheated. Goosekit denies it, but he internally feels guilty, as the apprentice helped him.
Later, some warriors begin to worry about Swiftpaw when she doesn't come back to camp. Daisytoe whisks her kits back into the nursery, saying that it's best to let the older cats find her. However, Goosekit sneaks away from his mother's nest and goes to find the black-and-white tom tucked beneath Highrock. He asks the him why he isn't out looking for Swiftpaw, since he's an apprentice. He shifts, replying that he's not sure he can go out alone. A long-tailed warrior with brown striped fur walks past, and he alerts him that an apprentice has gone missing. The older cat asks which one, and Goosekit gives him Swiftpaw's description. The tabby says that she has herbs, and she is just below Sunningrocks in the reeds. Goosekit rushes off to relay the information, thanking both cats.
Later, Cloudberry is questioning Goosekit on which cats in camp he doesn't know the name of. The kit replies that there's a black-and-white tom, washing himself by Highrock. He continues to list off a few different cats, and Cloudberry takes him to go see Nettlebreeze. After Goosekit discovers that one of the cats he often sees is Dawnfeather, the medicine cat reveals that one of the others was probably Beetail—both cats who have been dead a long time. Cloudberry continues that she doesn't know who he and another elder are, as they'd probably lived in ThunderClan long ago.

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