The lake is the large body of water in the middle of the Clans' new territories.[2]


The lake is irregular in shape and large enough that a cat needs two full days to circle it. It is bordered by marshes in parts of RiverClan territory, and by hard ground in the rest. It contains an island where the Clans hold their Gatherings, with a fallen tree serving as a bridge to it. There are several Twoleg halfbridges scattered around the shoreline as well.[3] Twolegs visit the lake often in greenleaf, swimming and sailing in boats.[4] As agreed upon by the Clan leaders at the time, cats can travel across other Clans' territories as long as they stay within two fox-lengths of the lakeshore, making it neutral territory.[5]
From the north, two small streams flow into the lake. In the southwest, a river flows out of it, heading for the sun-drown-place where Midnight the badger lives.[6]

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